Wednesday, May 25, 2011

10 Months Old!

I feel so much love for my now 10 month old!
He had his heart repair just 6 months ago. Oh, the places he's gone! Photobucket
This boy wants to move. He wants to play with EVERYTHING! He wants to hold our hands and play games.

He laughs when he's tickled, when his ears are cleaned (well, his left one anyways!), when Nolan twirls his exersaucer around and around, and when I make goofy faces. Photobucket
He has a personality! Imagine my joy and delight! One year ago I was amidst the most heart wrenching and suspenseful week of my life.Photobucket
God places us in just the life we need. Not the life we plan. I often think of what I'd be missing if I were in charge.

I have lots to due time.


  1. Happy 10 months! God does know what He is doing! Trusting Him at times is hard but the beauty that unfolds is amazing. Your precious boy is beautiful. Give him some love from us!

  2. Happy 10 months old! He's adorable as always! I'm glad we didn't get the life we planned :)

  3. Such a cutie! I love his smile!

  4. Such a handsome little guy!! Happy 10 months!

  5. Oh my goodness, he is the sweetest boy ever!

    I was reading one of your earlier posts and I laughed when you said you didnt' want to read a "school book"--"Early Communication Skills for Children with Down syndrome". I have the same book and have been trying to get through it. Like you said, it isn't a bad book, but sometimes I just want to read something fun and not therapy or medical related. I think it was Tiffany who said to take some time off. I second that--we take the weekends off. I think Ellie needs the break as much as I do :-)