Friday, May 13, 2011

fun fun fun

We had a really good day last Wednesday. Unfortunately this is a re-post due to some Blogger issue and I don't really remember all I had written...

So, I'll leave you with pictures from our day. Thank you for reading :)Photobucket
Calvin and Cousin Adam
Oh no, not another sand eater!
Don't worry, Joe always catches them...


  1. These are great pictures! We are loving the weather too and I think it is definitely due. We have all been stuck inside for way too long this winter. Glad things are well and can't wait to visit again. Should definitely go for a walk soon!

  2. Between the sand-tasting and the baby-tossing, you are clearly braver than I am, Ilisa! Lol!

    These are great pictures! He has adorable hair!

  3. such fun, full of life pictures!

  4. I just love all the pictures....such handsome little guys!

  5. Amen Susanna. Much braver than me, but only about the tossing. Sean eats Coney Island sand. I'm sure yours is much cleaner. lol

  6. Our blogs all were messed up! I was going to comment and say how wonderful it was to feel the pure joy in your words and see it in your pictures...loving Calvin, loving life!!! :)

  7. fun pic of air-born Cal! and (of course) i love the pics of Adam w/ his big cousin Cal. hehe! =)

  8. Oh my gosh- that last picture is breathtaking- in all sorts of ways! Calvin is so cute!