Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear Dairy

Dear Dairy,
I sort of miss you, but not as much as a couple of days ago or last week. I am getting used to not having you in my life. Why? How?
Well, you see, I was told numerous times while nursing my children that cutting you (dairy) out of my diet might help with fussiness and "burp-up" or reflux.
I wasn't convinced. I am naturally skeptical and felt like you (dairy) were getting the blame for too much. I can eat you and drink you and feel fine. At least I think.
The fact is, you are hard to avoid. You are everywhere, even where I'd least expect you.
You (dairy) may have noticed I was eating less of you because I started eating a salad for lunch. Of course you were still in my dressings, even some balsamic vinaigrette. You sneaky guy.
It was about the time I switched to salads that I also decided to give Calvin a reflux med. I got the prescription at his 9 month check up but did not want him to have it. I am conservative when it comes to meds as well. I'm more of a deal with the cause, not bandage the wound kind of gal.
So, I figured I owed it to Calvin to at least try eliminating you (dairy). I took it slow, trying to substitute and not deprive myself too much (regretfully taking too much time). And I have been completely dairy free for about 1.5 weeks (including no chocolate with milkfat - the final thing to go).
Well, Dairy, Calvin hardly burps-up anymore. He was vomiting a lot for months and months. He needing clothing changes, a cloth at his side, and warnings given to his handlers. It was sickening. AND, Calvin was not sleeping well starting about the same time the burping up kicked in (when he was no longer on thickened feeds - 4 months old).

He burps up about 90% less frequent and 90% less volume. He is sleeping well and seems happy. Calvin is also making some gains such as rocking, putting his hands together (clap), repeatedly opening and closing his mouth, and nodding.

Now, Dairy, I am not 100% sure you are to blame for anything, but I am 100% sure Calvin is better off without you. He has less reflux or burp-up and more sleep to prove it.

This is not going to be easy. I am working towards eliminating your friend Gluten as well, but she's harder to get rid of. If anyone thinks you're sneaky...

So long Dairy,
Calvin's Mom
Disclaimer: no one in this post was fed dairy in this meal (grilled meatloaf with Unsweetened Almond Milk and squash and rice without butter for Mom)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

11 Months Old!

Calvin is 11 months old (last week). I cannot believe we will be celebrating his birthday soon. I already feel like we've really accomplished a lot in the past year.

Parents often reflect with this question: "What did I do before having children?" I ask: "What did I think about before I had Calvin?"

I love him and we have been making huge gains.

I will save the feeding portion for another post which will be titled "Dear Dairy and Gluten, I miss you".

I do not know how much Cal weighs or how tall he is. I will get on that too unless an appointment gets here before I remember. This coming month Calvin sees his pediatrician, Dr. Sutton (his cardiologist whom I do miss), Miss Olson at the Down syndrome clinic, an audiologist, and the ophthalmologist. I told Joe when all the appointments are and he asked "why all the ologists?" to which I replied "because he has Down syndromology" Okay, poor humor, but I really do feel okay about all of this. I have come a long way in how I feel about Calvin having Down syndrome.

Did you know that people with Down syndrome are not Down's people? They are people first, Down syndrome later. They have it. It is like saying I have acne, I'm not an acne person. Or, Joe had/has Lyme disease, he is not a Lyme's person. This is called people first language. We address the person, then their characteristics (if that is necessary).

Also, it is not Down's or Lyme's. It is Down syndrome (not plural or owned by Down and a lowercase 's' in syndrome) and Lyme disease (same, not plural or owned by Lyme and a lowercase 'd' in disease).

I have learned a lot since having Calvin. I have learned how it feels to hear people say "retarded". I do not say ideas, things, or people are retarded, stupid, dumb, gay, etc. I also do not say "wife-beater" when referring to an A-shirt/tank top.

I was never one to get stuck on political correct(ion). However, the tables have turned and I now know what it feels like. More importantly, I am a momma bear to a little cub who will be the punching bag for some people.

People are special and we need to respect that because we should respect what is special about ourselves and all of God's children. It is not our place to judge, as I mentioned in the post Comfort or Conflict, part 2. I am not perfect, I make many mistakes. However, I continually strive to be a better person so therefore I am. This is why Calvin is a blessing. I get it now.

11 months...I like to imagine what I will learn in the next 11 years!

Monday, June 27, 2011


After bringing Calvin home, I wrote the post Home Sweet Home in which I foolishly described having a third child as not being as shocking as having the second. I guess that is overall still my consensus, but man am I busy! Since they are busy, I am busy.

Once upon a time there were two brothers, Evan and Nolan. Being the oldest, Evan thought he was the boss. But after going to church, he learned that in fact, God is the boss. Being the youngest, Nolan still needed that lesson to sink in. Okay, they both still need that to sink in.
Nolan got pretty tired out after all that wrestling. He spotted his baby brother Calvin's pacifier on the ledge and said "pacifier, cool" and proceeded to climb up the coffee table and claim the plastic as his own.
Baby Calvin was sitting contently mouthing a Guitar Hero toy while the boys wrestled. Once they were done, Nolan snuggled up with him. And Evan, well...
Evan was still being a bugger so his mom sent him outside and told him to go where she couldn't hear him. He was too loud. So he went to the flower garden and we could see him out the living room window.
Mom decided she could use some time outside as well so she took the younger two boys, Calvin and Nolan, outside to visit Evan.
Baby Calvin has been interested in his hands and is waving more. He is so fun to watch when he follows his hand and it goes off to his side and behind his head. He turns so much he sometimes falls over!
Evan and Nolan cannot resist Calvin. He is so accepting of their wild antics.
He does not seem to accept the pokey grass though.
Oh no! Nolan went around and around this dahlia and it broke off. After being told to get out of the flower bed because his dad would not be happy, Nolan ran under the tree and put himself in a time-out. Afterwards he went and hugged his dad and told him "my sorry".
It's a good thing he is so cute.