Tuesday, June 28, 2011

11 Months Old!

Calvin is 11 months old (last week). I cannot believe we will be celebrating his birthday soon. I already feel like we've really accomplished a lot in the past year.

Parents often reflect with this question: "What did I do before having children?" I ask: "What did I think about before I had Calvin?"

I love him and we have been making huge gains.

I will save the feeding portion for another post which will be titled "Dear Dairy and Gluten, I miss you".

I do not know how much Cal weighs or how tall he is. I will get on that too unless an appointment gets here before I remember. This coming month Calvin sees his pediatrician, Dr. Sutton (his cardiologist whom I do miss), Miss Olson at the Down syndrome clinic, an audiologist, and the ophthalmologist. I told Joe when all the appointments are and he asked "why all the ologists?" to which I replied "because he has Down syndromology" Okay, poor humor, but I really do feel okay about all of this. I have come a long way in how I feel about Calvin having Down syndrome.

Did you know that people with Down syndrome are not Down's people? They are people first, Down syndrome later. They have it. It is like saying I have acne, I'm not an acne person. Or, Joe had/has Lyme disease, he is not a Lyme's person. This is called people first language. We address the person, then their characteristics (if that is necessary).

Also, it is not Down's or Lyme's. It is Down syndrome (not plural or owned by Down and a lowercase 's' in syndrome) and Lyme disease (same, not plural or owned by Lyme and a lowercase 'd' in disease).

I have learned a lot since having Calvin. I have learned how it feels to hear people say "retarded". I do not say ideas, things, or people are retarded, stupid, dumb, gay, etc. I also do not say "wife-beater" when referring to an A-shirt/tank top.

I was never one to get stuck on political correct(ion). However, the tables have turned and I now know what it feels like. More importantly, I am a momma bear to a little cub who will be the punching bag for some people.

People are special and we need to respect that because we should respect what is special about ourselves and all of God's children. It is not our place to judge, as I mentioned in the post Comfort or Conflict, part 2. I am not perfect, I make many mistakes. However, I continually strive to be a better person so therefore I am. This is why Calvin is a blessing. I get it now.

11 months...I like to imagine what I will learn in the next 11 years!


  1. Charlie's hair used to go straight up like Calvin's when he was Cal's age. He is a sweety. Look at his light eyelashes. Love them.

  2. what a beautiful baby boy you have. adorable I love his hair looks like he's flying!!

  3. I could not agree with your words more. I will pray all those appointments go well. Kristen's first birthday was pretty amazing because of all she had taught us...how far we had come together. It is truly a time to celebrate!!! Have I said lately how absolutely adorable he is? :)

  4. Calvin is adorable! I agree, time does fly by!

  5. Happy 11 months Calvin! Fun, spikey, Muppet hair.

    Dear Dairy, I miss you too. Gluten-free is very hard--Bear was severely allergic to oatmeal. Yes, oats. Go figure but oats are processed with wheat and barley so we just did rice with Ellie. Fortunately she passed her food challenge.

  6. I really LOVE Calvin's hair...to stink'n cute!! Happy 11 months...it is a wonder what we did before we had the Maddie...she has given us so much in such a short time!! cannot wait to see the pix from the big 1 party!! smiles

  7. Oh, I love this boys wild crazy hair!! What a sweetie, happy 11 months :)

  8. Just ran across your blog! I'm so glad..! I'm really digging the hair!!

    Happy 11 month B-day! Looking forward to reading about your story!

    Or son was born with Down Syndrom one Dec 15, 2010. We do a daily one minute video every day to show the world what it's like raising a child with Down Syndrome. They are often surprised when they find out it's more "normal" then un-normal! :)


  9. Happy 11 month b-day Cal! One more month til the big 0-1! Love the hair :-)