Friday, June 3, 2011

5K/Mile Events and Ilya Update

If you are new to our 5/5/5 Warrior Project and want to learn how to help Ilya, how to enter in the Amazon Kindle Giveaway, or join us for a 5K/5Mile event go here first. (Whenever you see colorful wording, I have link something to the words. I try to do that whenever I reference something: like toys or previous posts or links.)

Ilya is never far from my mind these days. Please say prayers for him. He needs a family!

I sometimes follow blogs of orphaned children who are adopted. Back on December 22nd I posted about Kareen and Olga and Patti's blog giveaway:
Patti is amazing! (She hosted this Giveaway)

I donated towards both of their adoptions. And they are both in the process of being adopted! (I donated towards Cliff's adoption as well and he is being adopted, too!)

I have been captivated by Kareen's Journey Home. I got in a quick run this morning. I do my best thinking during those runs. I was realizing how clueless I am about Ilya's life. If you have a few minutes, read this post. I was thinking about how I spent 3 hours tending to our lawn yesterday and about our early spring walks when we would pick up the trash from the ditch. I am so thankful for those opportunities.

Here is what I want to stress to anyone willing to read this: Donating, adopting, and praying should not be scary! God says "fear not" over and over and we must trust Him! Helping these children feels amazing! I have currently donated towards 4 children and 3 of the 4 now have families and Patti (whom I reference below the photo) has some exciting news about the 4th. This is making a difference. You make a difference! Please, take time to feel for Ilya. I know he will not be left behind! Look at him! I smile looking at this little cherub.

My prayer for Ilya: Lord, bring Ilya home. Unite us in this cause! I know he is important to You and You love him very much.

Prayer does not need to be fancy. It can be simple and to the point. Remember, prayer is more powerful than money. Thank you for helping.

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