Monday, June 20, 2011

D'Nile aint just a river in Africa!

So, I knew it wasn't just a river in Egypt and I am horrible at geography and am learning it is in Africa as well. I am pathetic, I know.

Africa. Evan is saving his money for a trip to Africa. When he was a baby, like 6 months old, oh wait. I have to back up. The nursery is decorated in a Noah's Ark theme and there is a giraffe on the wall, along with a hippo and a toy that has a bee hanging off it.

When Evan was a baby, Joe taught him giraffe, hippo, and bee. One evening I walked in and Joe told me to watch. He said 'giraffe' and Evan turned his little head towards the giraffe. I have it on video and need to watch it again, but I am sure he was only around 6 months. I was amazed. Evan went on to learn hippo and bee. When Evan was a year we would ask him "how old?" and he'd hold up his little finger and we'd shout "one!". Evan is bright. Needy and bright! Evan is a talker and loves giraffes and all things animals, zoo's, and Africa. He watches documentaries about Africa! That's his dad coming out.

Well, Evan's Aunt Doopie (Danielle, see, we have all sorts of nicknames floating around) went to Africa for 6 weeks (I think) in the summer of 2005. She wants to take Evan back and Evan is saving his money and planning to go for 2 weeks when he's 11! We'll see, but I think if he goes I will, too (even though I do not like the idea of the plane ride).

We usually have an African scene up in the house and also got some cheap animals for the outdoors. Evan and Nolan set up an African scene in the sandbox today, including the Nile River:
*warning, boy parts are somewhat visible, but nothing too blunt
Burr, cold!
I think this is good practice for the trip, don't you?

Some of you may be wondering how in the world I would allow this to happen. I watched it unfold as I sat in the living-room nursing Calvin. I was sitting on the couch armrest at the picture window so I could see them. When I have to nurse a lot of leniency is practiced. Plus, I remember adding water to the sand-pile and I thought is was awesome. It is fun to see them enjoy themselves.


  1. hey if he takes his cloths of thats less laundry and easier clean-up right :) my girls get away with a lot when I'm nursing too!

  2. Water in the sand pile was the best! :) Glad to see they're enjoying themselves in the nice weather!!! (P.S. It's the summer solstice today! :D :D :D BOUT time!) I think it's a good for them to get their hands dirty once in a while (or often, in their case :) haha). It seems to be a good learning experience...they sure are smart little cookies you got there! Good job Ilisa and Joe! :) I am very proud aunt!

  3. that is so great!!! I think you will all be making the trip to Africa..I love boys! mud, dirt, the hose...good memories! smiles

  4. This is fantastic! Totally something my two bigs would cook up too :) I feel you when you are nursing you are stuck in the chair as the crazy unfold :) they are adorable!

  5. I could not stop laughing!! Nothing better then a naked kiddo running around in the mud!

  6. I love seeing boys have fun and get messy. Here, in my girly girl land, it most likely would not happen because we have to wipe off grass and dirt with out towel if it gets on us :)!

  7. Haha, this was great!!! I love seeing kids actually being kids and getting down and dirty!!

  8. There ain't nothing wrong with a little bit of mud! That must have been quite the scene to behold! I hope to hear about your trip one day.

  9. I think that it's hilarious that your middle boy enjoys being in his "birthday suit"-too funny. I also think its fantastic that the hose is covering..., well, his...hose. HAHA! Boys seem like so much fun!

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