Friday, June 3, 2011

Exciting update - Twins Tickets!

It looks like people are donating towards Ilya's adoption (at right)! If you do, make sure you leave a comment on this post to enter in the Kindle giveaway (if you need help leaving a comment just email me at

Also, we have some nice door prizes lined up for the 5K/5Mile event and I found out today there will be a pair of Minnesota Twins Tickets ("great seats" I'm told)! So, if you choose to join us on the 2nd of July, pre-register and enter for the Kindle (more info on this post) and stick around after the race and win some other great prizes! Yay! I am psyched (okay, and still nervous - I will be basket of nerves until it is over)! Still praying for Ilya's Forever Family - where are you?

Registration Form: Raceberry Jam


  1. You have touched me and humbled me in so many ways. When Kristen was a year, I was still in a fog. I could barely cope day to day with Down syndrome in my own life, and here you are, thinking about others and raising money so people can adopt and save a child with Down syndrome...a child that needs to be rescued from such a place that deems them unworthy simply because they have Down syndrome. That makes my stomach turn. I have been reading your links, other blogs too who are part of this, and have cried many, many tears. It truly brings perspective to your own life. My blog and daily concerns seem trivial now...compared to the bigger picture out there. You truly inspire me. I will definitely pray for Ilya's family as well as all those other children who deserve a chance to live a life they deserve. Thanks for all you are going to help.

  2. I meant to say "thanks for all you are doing to help." It is sometimes hard to write and reread when I am all teared up writing it! Have a wonderful day...