Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Go Baby Go!

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We passed the 1 year diagnosis mark last Friday. Yes, I have had that on my mind plenty these past few weeks.

Calvin has been very motivated to move and at his 9 month well-child check 5 weeks ago his doctor and I were saying it didn't seem like it would be long.

I have been in anticipation. You see, when I recieved Cal's diagnosis I also received many pieces of information as to what to expect: "Kids with Down syndrome develop slower and later than their typically developing peers. They have their own time-table which tends to be roughly 6 months later. His brothers will motivate him. Etc, etc."

You may as well have taken a stick, sharpened the dickens out of it, and stabbed it right into my heart or stomach. I don't know which hurt worse? Well, mostly my pride I guess.

Now, add on a serious heart condition. Calvin had surgery when he was 4 months old. At that point he was barely able to breathe, let alone hold his head up for more than a few seconds. He was not even able to eat well! That was 6.5 months ago. Since then Calvin has learn to nurse quite efficiently, hold his head up, roll over, sit, make new noises (just within the past 1.5 weeks), pass objects from hand to hand, follow objects as they disappear (object permanence), push up off the floor (not all 4's yet) and:

You can hear my joy, my surprise, and how proud I am of this little worker! He is amazing, plain and simple.

Sure, I can analyze and critique him, but I am not going to :) Another time perhaps, for now I am just proud. We have a great base to work with! I can only imagine my life getting a bit more challenging in the near future with this little mover.


  1. Just watched the video - brings tears to my eyes! What a little sweetie. He knows what he wants, and now how to get it!!!! Just wait he is going to be hard to keep up with:)

  2. Awesome video!!! I love it!!! Go Calvin!!!! Why do kids like beads so much? :)

  3. All I can say is AWESOME!!! It's such a proud moment! You do realize I'm going to try beads now :)

  4. I remember how excited I was when Russell finally found enough motivation to want to go towards something, it was well after his first birthday! LOL...Anyway, I remember crying. This video brought back all those feelings. I know how exciting this was for you! Calvin is doing awesome!! Wont be long now and he will be up on all fours and all over the place!!

  5. Yay!! Nice job Calvin! Charlotte loves beads too :-).

  6. So so sweet and wonderful. So great to see him shimmying around! I really just want to eat him up. One of the cutest boys ever!

  7. Oh how wonderful! He is such a cutie and that smile when he reaches those beads is precious! Way to go Calvin!