Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Hurray! My so happy!"

Slowly but surely the donations are being made! However, I have one concern...I am not noticing comments in the Meet Ilya post. And, those comments are how the winner for the Kindle will be chosen...

I do have 3 pre-registered runners that will be entered for the Kindle giveaway! (Insert post title)

Things do not always work out as planned. Why? Because I am one person and all those involved are all separate people with their own minds and ways of interpreting things. "I think I can, I think I can". We'll get through and people will be happy AND, the real winner will be Ilya.

I did some checking and am not able to locate a current photo of him. The gal I contacted at Reece's Rainbow helped and was saying there should be one soon. Ilya will be 5 this month! I'm guessing that photo was a few years ago. I may be very wrong, of course. I always feel like I need to leave that disclaimer.

I am always right and always wrong. I was thinking about that while in the tub.

Calvin will be 11 months...1 year next month! I am suffering a bit from some nursing stumbles (at almost a year into this?!). I have not been focused enough on his feedings and am getting blocked milk-ducts (sorry if that is Too Much Information). I want to avoid an infection so have been taking very hot baths, massaging, expressing, nursing, pumping, and praying. I did not feel well yesterday and was afraid I was too late. But, I am not, yet.

I also popped an extra vitamin C last night. And, I will do a quick, separate post about MY supplements. Why? (as Nolan always asks. Oh, and, he had clean/dry underwear ALL day today and kept saying "mommy so happy", "my get big, Evan get big" "no poop/pee on floor!" - I am so proud and happy, and he knows it - why? Because I did not even initiate it today, it was all him/and Him).

Why an extra vitamin C? Because! (again, as Nolan always says) I'll explain in that post, which will follow right after this one...

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