Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Supplements, take 3

I previously posted Calvin's supplement regime in parts 1 and 2. Those posts and the feedings post need to be updated. I will do that very soon.

I mentioned in part 1 (click above to get to the link) that I have taken some of Calvin's supplements when he was exclusively nursing. I also mentioned some of the supplements I take.

I cannot take credit for paving my own way here. Joe has been instrumental. He has a Master's degree in Nutrition and works for NeuroScience, which actually distributes a handful of the supplements we take.

When I became pregnant with Evan I began taking Nordic Naturals Omega Oils. I believe I may have on and off before that pregnancy.

I quickly started downing my favorite greens supplement: Nano Greens. I will always be loyal to Nano Greens. I have had the privilege of conversing with the owner, Bruce Howe. He and Joe have worked together. When we went to San Diego in 2010 we met him and his wife at their home. Very nice people. And, a great supplement! Nano Reds are awesome as well.

I would be lying if I said the Nanos were easy to down in those first days of nausea! OJ helped, but stayed tuned, because it is even better now.

I also drank a lot of green tea in those days (and I know I should again!) Again, I have an alternative, stay tuned.

That was about it for Evan's and Nolan's pregnancies and nursing sessions.

I was gifted a Magic Bullet when I was pregnant with Nolan (Christmas 2007). It did not get used a whole lot in the beginning. I'd use it for mixing up protein - I've always had protein powdered drinks on and off - I used to spend more time lifting weights which triggered that consumption.

(I am getting there)

When Nolan was a couple of months old and I was still desiring to loose some weight, I decided my breakfast needed to change. So, I took a couple of months to experiment with the Magic Bullet and supplements. I also wanted to increase my fruit and veggie intake.

And voila! This is what I have been drinking every morning for 2.5 years (with minor improvements):
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Here is how it is made (after many messes and new ideas):
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Magic Bullet and cup: Fill halfway with frozen fruit of choice (the richer in color the higher the antioxidants because the pigments themselves are often antioxidants)
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After trial and error, I discovered I prefer to put the fruit in then add milk to thaw it a little and prevent any powdered supplements from sticking to the bottom of the cup.
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Add protein (sometimes I add peanut butter - but I never skip protein at breakfast...some nutritionists frown upon those 2 types of protein)
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A dash of green tea (provided by Bruce Howe)
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Insert the Fabulous Five: Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Extract, omega oils, probiotic, Nano's, and ground flax seed
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Top with banana and milk then mix. The best breakfast!
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I use my shake to wash down my vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D, and multivitamin (yes, this seems like a lot of vitamins, but they seem to do the job while giving my nutrition to another human being - nursing or pregnancy)
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  1. Keekoo!!! :) :) I've been asking for this recipe for a little while and although I might not be starting this quite yet, I am glad to see/read these steps for when I do!

  2. Wow, I am impressed. To think you had this perfectly balanced nutritious breakfast and I had waffles with the girls....:)

  3. Yes! Step-by-step directions WITH pictures. Just what this visual learner needs. Thank you! The Omega 3s are so important and I love that you get them from a variety of sources (ie the ground flax, the omega oils, etc).

  4. Thanks! I will definitely give it a try! It looks delish!!