Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Did You Hear That?

There is so much going on around here these days AND Joe has been in Canada fishing since Saturday.

I am very excited. I had my first photoshoot yesterday! Also, I have another tomorrow...
My computer is so full of pictures that I am running out of space and have to work on that!

Yuck if I don't get time...

Joe set up Skype on the computer before he left. I kept teasing him that I didn't care to talk to him while he was enjoying himself in Canada. However, it has been really nice. We've Skyped 3 times. Last night we Skyped right after bathtime so he could sit and drink a beer and watch me try to dress Nolan and Evan (Evan still wears a diaper to bed - at 5.5, I don't know what to do, his diapers are always wet in the morning, always) while Calvin SCREAMED!

I'd tape it for you but it would be torture. He doesn't just cry when he means business. It is aweful. Something interesting is happening. Evan and Nolan cried for the first 4 months when they were set in their carseats. Calvin didn't. I'm sure it was because of his heart; he slept most of the time.

Now Calvin is starting to cry more. He cries when I set him down after nursing. He cries when I switch sides during nursing, when I burp him, when I walk away from him, when he goes in his carseat or his crib. The latter 2 are when he is really tired, but still. It is aweful. Evan and Nolan cover their ears and whine. Evan looks like he wants to cry and Nolan yells "top it!".

Evan actually said he wishes we didn't have a baby that cries. He also told me that is why he wanted a girl, because she wouldn't cry as much. Doubtful.

So, when Calvin is tired and it is bathtime, he is washed up in lightning speed and I numb myself for the next 5 minutes while I finish up Evan and Nolan and dress them all. (this is when I go it alone - Joe travels for work so I am used to it but it is not easy)

I had to hang up with Joe on Skype last night when this chaos errupted and I saw Joe take a drink of beer. I just about lost it. Does any of this makes sense? Cuz I am pretty sure it doesn't to me. I am burnt out an exhausted! I am working in iPhoto as I type this.

Thanks for your patience. I will award you with some recent pictures ;)

Here are Evan and Nolan. Evan is such a good big brother BUT he is starting to ask me why Calvin laughs for Nolan and not him. I feel sad for Evan, but I pray he values the relationship he does have with Sweet Baby Calvin.
We rode bikes to my parent's on Father's Day. Calvin woke up at...wait for it...4am! He was bobbing his little head on the way and Nolan had to catch him. Of course Nolan would not leave him sleep either...
My dad and the boys. Grandpa got pretty wet!
Yes, they are naked a lot.
My parents have hot water outside and this little bucket had warm water in it...perfect for Tiller (Nolan).
Nolan is naked a lot because he is potty training. The way I did it with Evan and am doing it with Nolan is: Naked Outside. Nolan pees off the deck a lot. And, we bring the potty chair out. Here he is checking out his deposit exclaiming "cool"! I have 4 brothers, and this is just like them, so I am not shocked.
Happy Trails! I hope to take a nap tomorrow when Joe gets home. Yeah right!


  1. Love it! You can inform Evan that girls cry WAY MORE than any boy I have ever met. LOL M screamed in her car seat.... read: like someone was murdering her........ for 15 mos until I turned her around because I couldn't take it anymore. Sean is much better. And he has some attitude that one; so I know that part can't just be the ds or his heart because he never had any problem screaming for anything else. LOL

  2. You have been busy! Looks like a fun time on Father's Day! I enjoy pictures and stories of your boys because I do not have that! :). Kristen slept and was very quiet ay first, and when she came out of that and found her voice...that crying voice...i thought it would never end! :)

  3. It's hard when a usually happy baby cries more, I know. Especially with 2 other little ones that take your attention too. Hopefully it's just a phase. Love the pictures and hope all goes smooth until your hubby is home!

  4. Hahahaha, your boys were nekkid!

    Oh honey, I am feeling your stress just through your brilliant writing. It is so hard when your little darling cries. Be sure to tell Nolan and Evan that girls cry just as much. I can send Ellie on over if they do not believe you.

    I cannot wait to see all of these photos :)

    Love your blog header btw