Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The World in Which We Live

Emotional deprivation? Are these children denied appropriate and adequate interpersonal and environmental experiences in their early developmental years? I'll let you be the judge:

I have a hard time believing the Minister did not know the conditions were this harsh.

Either way, I do not want Ilya or any other child to face those conditions.

That is why I am Ilya's 5/5/5 Warrior. Please consider offering your hand in his salvation. Ilya turns 5 this month. He may already have. He is facing a transfer from an orphanage to a place as awful as what you saw in that video (something too scary to show my 5 year old on the computer). Such place is one in which the way to work with is really to work against. There is no unity. No peace or preservation. Only murder. If not in the physical sense, then in every other sense.

Please pass along Ilya. He needs a forever family. He needs life. Please consider helping and to do so visit (this post) first to read about how to help and how to enter to win an Amazon Kindle, a pair of MN Twins Tickets, and more (by joining us for a 5K/5Mile event day).

Thank you and as they said in the video, "Keep the pressure on."


  1. Okay, that video ripped my heart out. Thanks for helping to keep the pressure on...