Monday, July 11, 2011

Adding Pages and Links to your Blogger Blog

Leah, from Our Little Sunshine, asked me how to add pages so I decided to post it in case anyone else is wondering.  Granted, this is my self-taught version and someone will know something I am missing or could do easier/quicker - I am not a computer expert :)  Good luck!

1. Under 'Posting' tab, find 'Edit Pages' (in blue, 3rd tab in - following 'New Post' and 'Edit Posts')Photobucket
You can see I have a page I tried but failed at completing/launching
2. Locate the blue 'New Page' button, click, and voila, there's your new page.

You can have them run along the top or the side of your blog (change layout):
1. Go to 'Design' tab
2. Drag the PAGES gadget to the sidebar or along the top (mine is along the top there, 3rd rectangle down)

You can change the order of pages by clicking on the blue 'Edit' button on your 'PAGES' gadget and dragging/dropping them. (The font size of the titles can be changed as well - in the Template Designer, something for another post if anyone wants - just ask)
Finally, another option to link up a particular post, link, or information to a photo (which could be used in place of 'Pages'):
1. Under 'Design' tabe, click on blue 'Add a Gadget'
2. Find 'Picture' (4th one down in photo), click on +
3. This is what you see and the rest is self-explanitory (add photo and copy/paste link)
This is what Kelle Hampton has done on the right-hand side of her bar (if not exactly, this is a way to do it).  I tried it in place of my pages but did not like it as much so for now it is not like that.  We'll see...maybe I'll change or add photo links.  I did that with Ilya when I was hosting the blog giveaway and race.  This is pretty much what a 'button' is: like "Francine's Fat Army".

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