Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Caylee Anthony

My heart is racing. I do not understand humans and how we support or do not support one another. We are such manipulative creatures!

People everywhere are on fire over Casey Anthony's verdict regarding the murder of her daughter Caylee. I will never know what happened on that dreadful day. Honestly, I have not given it much time or energy but I do remember hearing about it.

I thought about how awful it would be to loose Evan or the baby I was carrying (Nolan). On top of that, I cannot imagine being responsible in anyway (accidental or purposeful). I pray it does not happen while I live.

Either way.

Why do humans perform abortions? Would these same humans support Casey Anthony murdering Caylee? I am seriously asking?

How are the 2 not the same? One can live outside the body while the other needs assistance for a period of time.

I know people who have had abortions. They are loving people and I care a lot about them.

In fact, I feel as though society may have manipulated them into having them...or supporting them non-the-least.

What if we said "You shalt not murder your child, born or unborn. If you do not want to care for him or her, we will HELP you!" What if we did that for one another? Would people make different decisions?

Now, what if Caylee had Down syndrome? Would it change anyone's feelings about the murder? What if it was justified by saying she was "put out of misery"?

Wow. I had to.


  1. I remember when this happened. My oldest was close to the same age. I cried for a week.
    When I was prego with my first, I remember having a discussion with a woman on a breastfeeding board about a friend of her's that was having an abortion bc they were sure they baby had DS. I remember crying about that too. Who would have ever though that years later I would be given such a special child of my own?
    Do you ever read this blog:

  2. Wow...shoulda used some spell check there. :)

  3. I don't remember much about the case nor did I follow the trial. But my heart breaks for poor little Caylee. Your questions are haunting and need to be asked. I do not understand the decisions people make sometimes. My prayer is that one day maybe my daughter, my family, and I can help a pregnant woman understand that a prenatal diagnosis of Ds does not have to be a death sentence.

  4. wow...I really hope people wouldn't think that way...I never even thought about it...
    poor Caylee, I hope she has peace now...

  5. You pose difficult but very thought provoking questions. Thank you for putting them out there and getting people thinking. It is hard to understand others, and ultimately, it is God they will have to answer to regarding their decisions they make.