Saturday, July 16, 2011

Donation Station

Jo Jo and I delivered 4.5 coolers of frozen liquid gold to the new parents and baby last night.

When we walked up I saw a running friend, Doreen, at the door!  Turns out she is has been friends with the new mom, Pam, since high school.  Doreen and I had some catching up to do since I have been so busy and we do not talk/run together much anymore.  She didn't know about Calvin.

I feel so great because a)it is healthier than formula b)it will save the family money and c)the milk is going to be used and by someone 10 minutes away!

The new dad was busy putting milk in the freezer (took a while, there was a lot!) and came in asking "this all came from you?"  I guess there was a reason I was producing 48 ounces a day!

On top of it all: breast-milk changes as the baby gets older.  So, the milk at day 1 and day 30 is different than one another and also different than at 9 months.  There is less fat in the milk early on, for example.  Well, some of the milk delivered was from when Calvin was less than 2 weeks old (August 4th last year - he was still in the NICU).  The new baby was 2 weeks yesterday.  That means the milk he will get is age appropriate for his development.

I also shared with Pam that women who adopt can still mimic and/or try breast-feeding.  I figured she can take it or leave it, but if she had any desire, the options are there.  I know a woman who did do that.  She used a supplemental nursing system (Medela product).  There are also supplements that can be taken to trigger hormonal changes to enhance milk production.

I get excited about nursing because even though it is hard for some people, and some do not like to, it is so good for a developing baby.  Nutrition is one thing.  Attachment is another.  It is all important and powerful.

I have absolutely no doubt Calvin is benefiting greatly from nursing.  I can see his changes when he nurses.  He used to be a very poor nurser and now he has many skills and natural reflexes: moro reflex development seen in his hand usage during nursing - I liken it to a kitten kneading - which is very important in regards to oral development (language included).  Another thing about nursing and neurological development is in regards to switching sides.  When this is achieved, a developing brain benefits due to the full spectrum use of eye movement (not being consistently blocked by a bottle and looking one way).

I digress!

God is Good!  Having Calvin has been a blessing is so many amazing ways.  My life is so full!


  1. Love this post! I am glad I can nurse Ben. The supplemental nursing system really does work. I used it to switch Ben from bottle to breast when he was a newborn.

  2. You are so right. Nursing is such a wonderful thing and truly the way God made us to work. I know it is not for everyone though. But, I believe it has made a huge difference in both my girls' lives!

  3. it truly is liquid gold...what an awesome thing to do!

  4. I truly believe that the concept of a tool that allows you to supplement at the breast is amazing, and had it not been so trying and tiring to use, it may very well have saved my breastfeeding relationship.