Friday, July 22, 2011

Hectic Life: Specialty Check Ups

This has been a very exhausting week.  Yes, for me, but also for Calvin.  He slept 12 hours straight last night and went to bed earlier than he has in weeks.  I have been getting pretty burnt out with 10pm bedtimes and 7am rise times with little to no naps.

Calvin is very attached to me.  I am flattered to an extent, but it also makes it hard to get anything done around here.  Phone calls are left unanswered.  Housework is left to the imaginary fairies (I imagine them, they don't come, so here I am today - I praise God for today because I am well rested and actually got the lawn 90% completed yesterday).

Because Calvin turns 1 tomorrow, he had many health visits in the past 1.5 weeks.  This week included audiology, cardiology, ophthalmology, and the Down syndrome Clinic.  It would take a while to give details.  Basically, he will have see an ENT and his regular doctor again next month because of a couple of concerns.  No worries, at least not yet.  I am not worried.  The world of Down syndrome is interesting at times.

I have said many times how much I like Cal's cardiologist, Dr. Sutton.  He does not see Down syndrome when he looks at Calvin.  Sure, he has mentioned it once, I think.  Really, I'm not even sure he has.  This week should be highlighted with these words spoken by Dr. Sutton: "His heart sounds completely normal. I do not hear a murmur (which would indicate valve leakage).  At this point I don't think he needs an echo. I am going to treat his heart like a normal, healthy heart.  We can see him in a year."

Yes, great news!  More so, he is saying a lot here that I did not hear at the eye doctor, who after 2 appointments in the past 6 months and sees absolutely no problem (actually said his eyes are great), still wants to see him in 6 months.  Say WHAT?  Why?  I would like Dr. Sutton to be Cal's eye doctor as well because this is what he'd say.  Ready?  "His eyes look completely normal and healthy.  I am going to treat his eyes like a normal, healthy eyes."

Anyways, not worth getting stressed about.  Not much has changed except I am pushing more food into Calvin.  However, I will not loose my intuition as his parent.  That is what is hard at times.  I feel as though I am not a parent, just the funnel for healthcare providers.

Yes, I am grateful for the services, when they are needed and are helpful.

Sorry no pictures today.  Tomorrow there will be!  ONE YEAR!


  1. Sometimes it does feel like the doctor's are waiting for that other to shoe to drop more than I am ; ) Glad it has all been good news for you. Kamdyn has THE loudest murmur, so I don't think we will be hearing those words for a very long time, but I am hoping we will one day.

  2. It is always so hard when all of the specialist appointments crop up at the same time. Grr. That is excellent news about cardiology!

    I cannot wait to see Calvin with cake all over his face! It is going to be so fabulous!!!!

  3. Take a breath of relief and enjoy today! :) I am eagerly awaiting more pictures too!!!

  4. Glad things are starting to slow down for you!! Cant wait to see pictures of Cal on his 1st Birthday!!

  5. 1st birthday woot woot!! I love when the appointments are over and life can continue for awhile! Maddie is VERY attached to me is hard...I love it...but I cannot even go potty by myself! but I will rue the day when she does not want me! smiles

  6. Happy birthday Calvin! Glad the appointments are behind you!

  7. This is my first time visiting your blog, and I have to say that your son is absolutely gorgeous! He is!! I have 4 dtrs., and our youngest is 8; she has DS! Enjoy these little years...our dtr seemed like a baby for so long, and now she's workin' the Wii, computer, DS, etc. ! LOL

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Calvin!!

    Elk Grove, CA