Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hectic Life: speech eval

Thank you everyone for all your support.  Life gets hectic but God prevails.

So, I was thinking about my feeling of being overwhelmed yesterday and realized it also has to do with the rest of my full-plate, mainly Calvin's appointments this week and next and the fact that Joe travels for work during that time.

Calvin's speech therapist, Mandy came today.  She is sweet as can be.  All of his therapists are.  She is pleased with how Calvin is doing and heard I believe 'g', 'n', 'm', and some vowels and even the two together, like 'mmm-aaahhh'.  He is also watching and trying to immitate.  Her quick eval puts him right at his age-expectations and we should start to see that by 17 months he has one word and can point at some objects or body parts when told and can 'give me' things.  I think that is what I remember.

If you have not noticed yet, I am not much of a chart/notes kind of person.  I can hear some of you tsking me and I guarantee you I will and do when I have to.  I am not that way and no matter how hard I try, I do not stick with it.  I can stick to running and eating healthy and taking care of the kids, husband, cat, and house, but not lists or charts (like sticker charts for potty training).  I actually fall under the belief that I shouldn't have to.  I hope you are picking up on my sarcasm now.

So, great news today.  I plan to post quick updates from all the appointments this week and next.  Tomorrow I'll find out how tall and heavy he is.  I am anticipating next weeks audiology, ophthalmology, and cardiology appointments the most.  Then, it's birthday party and trip time (we're going to South Dakota - a change from our original Upper Peninsula trip that would have included too many mosquitos).

I took some pictures of the garden to share.  I will get those posted tomorrow.


  1. Rock on with the speech Mr. Calvin. It sounds like you can teach Miss Ellie Bear a thing or too. Ever notice how these appointments all fall around the same time? The stress! I cannot even imagine it if I had two other children to worry about. Big. Deep Breathes.

    btw, I love South Dakota. Lots of camping in that beautiful state.

  2. It is so great to hear all those wonderful speech sounds! You should be very excited about that ! You know I will be praying for those appointments. You will feel such a sense of relief after all of them! I laugh at the chart/notes kind of person. I have a lot of notes/charts but sometimes I wonder why because I really do not use all of them or just keep remaking/redoing them to make myself feel better. You are probably wiser in saving time to just not do them!!!! :)

  3. That's great about Calvin and all his new sounds! I am jealous of all of you who have great SPs, I hate Russell's, she sucks, but I am stuck with her cause she is the only one in this Valley.
    Man, you DO sound busy!! Hope once all the appointments are over with life slows back down for you :)