Friday, July 29, 2011

Ilya and 5/5/5 Warrior update

I finally deposited the 5K/5Mile run money 2 weeks ago.  After the expenses of the socks, clock, and refreshments, we were able to donate a little over $1000.00!  I rounded it up to an even 1100.00.  Have a look - almost $1400.00!!   Whew, I feel a sense of finality.  It was a wonderful event and I am looking forward to next year!  Hopefully Ilya will be adopted by then.

I am still Ilya's 5/5/5 Warrior through Sunday.  Please continue to spread his picture and the word he needs a family!  It does not end on Sunday.  He can still receive donations and I will still be his warrior - just not through a program.  Thank you everyone for your generous donations.  10% of all proceeds to go the Voice of Hope fund which keeps Reece's Rainbow running - which is very vital.  One of you followers  (Laura Carroll) was kind enough to ask your employer for a donation: I.C. System.  They donated $100.00 to the Voice of Hope fund!  How awesome is that?  Thank you again, everyone!

PS.  Wendi is enjoying her Kindle!!

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  1. Yeah!!! That is great to hear!!!! You deserve a pat on the back for all your hard work, effort, and time for making a difference in this child's life. I will pray Ilya is adopted soon.