Monday, July 11, 2011

now I've gone and done it

I may or may not have mentioned I was going to have food sensitivity testing done?  Well, I did today.  The boys and I ventured over yonder to the sheep farm a.k.a. NeuroScience and Joe drew my blood.  He does a great job by the way.  Better than most lab techs - after 3 kids I've had plenty of blood drawn.

There is no doubt that Calvin reacts to me eating chocolate.  Not much, but there is some burping up going on.  I couldn't figure it out because I was specifically eating dark without dairy.

I know now: stimulant.  Good God.  Well, my sensitivity testing will also tell whether or not I am sensitive to cocoa (which an old one did, so I am prepared but either way, it is gone).

Okay, here is my understanding of this all.  I am (perhaps ignorantly so) fairly certain I do not have any food allergies.  I do not react instantly to any foods that I am aware of.  I am not picky so I've eaten a variety of things (including things that no one should have, too so quit laughing...I'm talking wood pulp in foods, and other non-nutritive items in all our processed crap we call food - yes, I said crap and no, I do not usually talk like that but it angers me a bit).

However, I know I have food sensitivities.  You do, too, so quit laughing.  Just kidding.  Really though, I am trying to get over my negative feelings by being inappropriately sarcastic.

Again, what I understand this as is: when we are eating something and our body detects it as a toxin, we are sensitive to it because our body then needs to kick in and "take care of it".  What organ?  The liver of course.  Alcohol ruins what organ?  Yes, the liver.  Why would you want to ruin the one organ that needs to work so darn hard?  That is what I am asking myself.  So, I need to show a little more respect to Mr. Liver (yes, mine is a boy) and quit eating so many 'toxins' (food items I am sensitive to).

Think about poor Calvin.  When his body detects dairy, it is so smart.  His liver does not want it.  Too much.  Think about people who drink too much alcohol (okay, I did this once or twice, but not in years because it is ludicrous). They throw up.

Calvin was throwing up.  It was not really burp up and I really did know it.

Okay, back to the point here.

I have also mentioned my struggles with acne.  I am not sure, but I would not be surprised if the two (food sensitivities and acne) are connected.  So, I am testing 110 foods and also some inhalants that can be responsible for seasonal allergies (and trigger my asthma).

Go figure.  I'm a mess.  I came home feeling very overwhelmed.

"Nolan is definitely sensitive to foods and obviously Calvin is, too.  Especially dairy.  How am I going to eliminate all these foods?  I have to make it from scratch.  I barely have time to blog, let alone bake.  What about Evan in school with all that horribly non-nutritive food?  What about dairy and gluten at daycare?  Do I have to stay home to make sure we all eat correctly?  How are we going to afford our needs like this van we are looking at?  Maybe we shouldn't get the van." Etc, etc.  This is seriously stressing me out.  Like eat a third of a box of dairy and gluten free graham (why is it spelled that way?) crackers stressed out.  I am not an emotional eater, but I guess this is tipping the scale.

God, we need to talk.


  1. Ack! I am stressed out just reading all of this so I can only imagine how you feel. Take nice, long deep breathes and have that conversation with God.

  2. I know it sounds really stressful. But I promise you that it doesn't have to be. I know that when I plan my weekly meals out & break out the slow cooker, we eat a lot healthier. I try to keep our diets at 75-90% non-"crap" foods. So we do a lot of grilling, even in the winter, use the slow cooker a lot. I try to pick simple meals with lots of bold spices. I usually prep everything, no matter how I'm cooking, so that I can just cook it. Same goes for breakfast & lunch. Most grocery stores have a gluten free/health section now.

    You can do it! And once you get the hang of it, it's really easy.

  3. I know my friend's little boy was diagnosed with Celiac's and she was overwhelmed at first with the diet. Now, it is no big deal to her. Think about will all be so much healthier for it! Oh, the whole school food thing will be easy because school food is terrible for anyone. It is scary to me what they serve, and they think it is healthy. Renee packs her lunch everyday...we never buy because I can barely stand to look at the food myself! At Kristen's preschool, they handle food allergies so well it is amazing and make it no big deal! This would all be stressful to me too, but I know God will see you through this! :)

  4. You can do it. It sounds like you have before. You've already pretty much committed to it, just by having this test done (I know there are very few insurances that cover blood work for food sensitivities). It just takes a little bit of planning. I'd love to hear the results and how you're dealing with it. I actually do nutritional consulting dealing with things like this, so it's really interesting to me.

  5. oh my this would soooooooo put me over the edge! I have a home daycare and I do special diets for my kiddos...I hope yours will to and try to make it effortless for you and a teaching opportunity for the other kids...I am cheering for ya!! gluten/lactose free chocolate sounds --yummy :0 smiles

  6. Any big life change is always so stressful until you get into a routine. I hear it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. and you have lots of cheerleaders here and it seems like you have some people you can even turn to for help with recipe ideas!