Friday, July 8, 2011


I wrestled with my decision to post the other day. I went back a couple of times and tried to add or subtract to my "Caylee Anthony" post.

I wrote with my emotions and Lord knows I can get myself in some hot water when I let those do the driving.

I even prayed about it yesterday. I was afraid my message would be misinterpreted. I wanted to make it clear I was not putting myself in any position to judge.

I wanted to challenge us all, myself included, to unearth the foundation of our beliefs. Then, make a decision to stand tall and fight with them.

Mine happens to be my belief in Jesus as our Saviour.

I'll share something. Years ago, in my youth (teenager), I felt as though I were pro-choice. I asked myself how I could expect a woman to do something when I hadn't "walked a mile in her shoes".

Now, I know a something...I went for a run a couple of months ago. It was a 7 miler, my second in years. I rocked out to some Vanilla Ice (Joe was helping me manage my songs!). Then another song came on. What It's Like by Everlast. (video here) Part of that song refers to Mary who gets pregnant by Tom and he leaves her so she goes and has an abortion. People outside the clinic call her a "killer, sinner, and whore". Then the artists exclaims we should think about what if we were Mary, then we'd know what it's like.

Well, I'm running along and I think to myself: If a family would abort a baby because he/she has Down syndrome, then I DO KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE! I know what it is like to know your baby has Down syndrome. Granted, I was 28 weeks along, so there was never a question whether or not I would abort.

Now, lets take it a step further. I was at mile 3 when this song came on and at mile 5.5 it occurs to me: Mary has not walked a mile. She has walk about a tenth of a mile. The full mile occurs when you have the baby and raise him or her. So, my thought is, "That's a bunch of bull. That is purely false ground to stand on. Mary does not know what it's like, nor does any woman who aborts based on a diagnosis of a disability. They are the ones who should have to walk a mile in OUR shoes before making THEIR decision!"

Well, I'm not sure anyone understands my thoughts here or how this connects with my previous post. My question in the previous post is "if we do not support a mother murdering her child and we even feel upset about such a thing, how is it some people will go so far as to support it and even do it for them (doctors)?" Doctors will also have to answer to God. And, I am still pro-choice, because God gives us that ability, not because I think anyone should have an abortion. I think we should all be given the opportunity to use our hearts, minds, and souls to make decisions AND, we should use them to help others as well.

Dear Everlast,
Your song is full of falsehood. No, not "God forbid you ever had to walk a mile in her shoes". I pray people trust God. I pray this justification dies. "Then you might know what it's like". Mary does not know what it's like, and instead of letting her walk in and do something that will haunt her the rest of her life, help her make a decision she can someday live with! She will not forget this child. Besides, she has not walked a mile. How about "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger" or "no pain, no gain". Lets find some other motto to live by, one that does not sell us short.
Sincerely, Me


  1. Ilisa, your words are beautiful and sum up so many of my own thoughts. Thank you for putting them out there for others to read and ponder.

    I know I straddle that line between pro-life and pro-choice. I still have a hard time dictating what someone else can and cannot do in regards to abortion, but I also know I absolutely opposed to it. I do believe we need to reach out and help reduce the numbers. And I do believe aborting based solely on a prenatal diagnosis of Ds, or any other disability is morally and ethically wrong. I am curious how this issue will continue to play out in New Zealand where a group is trying to bring the country up on charges (or some sort ... can't quite find the right words for it right now). I have friends with children with Autism. Imagine when that, too, can be tested for prenatally. Our lives are more the richer with our children - no matter how many chromosomes they possess or how their brain is wired. Why it is okay to prenatally get rid of them is beyond my scope of understanding.

  2. I thought BOTH of these posts were great! I love posts that make me think, so I am glad you shared your thoughts :)