Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blessings Amid Pain and Suffering

When I had Calvin and was sitting around in the NICU waiting for him to come home with me, I stumbled upon Susanna, Verity, and their other 10 family members.  Verity is close to Calvin's age.  She too has a repaired heart.  Susanna also wanted so badly for Verity to nurse.  And, their family is also Christian so I learn a lot from Susanna's writing.

Susanna is an amazing woman.  I knew that right away.

If you are around me much, you have probably heard me talk about Susanna and Verity.

What has been amazing to me is that Susanna has 10 children and is in the process of adopting an 11th with her husband, Joe.

My evening drastically changed when I went to Susanna's blog: The Blessing of Verity.

I immediately started crying and feeling absolutely horrible about myself and many other things about humans.

Please visit her blog and read and see a bit about the 11th child they are adopting.  The child is 9 and has Down syndrome.  She has lived in a more horrible environment than I will ever know and it is not right.  It is not fair.  I feel anger, pain, and fear over this.

If you can read this post of Susanna's and not feel something, you might consider some self reflection and evaluation: My Baby

This is why we are being asked to donate money towards children's adoption.  They should not live in an environment in which they are fed by bottle at the age of 9.  9 year olds are supposed to be going in to 4th grade.

I guess I am trying to find words to express what I am thinking and feeling  and I am coming up extremely short.


  1. I just happened upon Susanna's blog this week, and my heart is broken for the suffering that precious girl (I want to call her baby b/c of her size) is going through. I think of them and pray often that she will get to her new home soon. It is so hard to understand.

  2. My own heart has been aching about this lately too. I wrote a post yesterday and just published this morning. It is good to be spreading the word around, even if there really are no good words to express the kind of feelings this brings up.

  3. It's so very sad. Most of the RR stories are so full of joy- the lesson of what happens there is overshadowed- we're moved to act- but not necessarily sickened by what we see- we rejoice in Sophia, Masha, August, Dariya- all the little yummies coming over. Susanna's story is just so unbelievably heartbreaking. you can't read it and not be touched by it.