Monday, August 1, 2011

Food Sensitivities and Food Allergies: more basic info

I realize it may be confusing when I write about food sensitivity testing, etc, so I thought I'd let you read more if you are interested (see links below).  Some people think elimination diets are the way to test.  I disagree.  Yes, they can be done if you cannot test but they are not reliable.

I am sensitive to a lot and do not feel different when I eliminate them.  Yes, some things such as improvement in skin, weight-loss, and digestion improvements have been occuring, but they are so subtle I would not have related them to my diet if I was not aware of what was under the surface.  For example, I would never be able to eliminate buttermilk and know it was making a difference.  I do not eat it enough.  I am not sensitive to cow's milk, but I am sensitive to casein (not sure how that works yet).  I am sensitive to goat's milk.  I never conciously consumed goat's milk.  So, how would an elemination diet help in the above situations?

I am positive what we eat affects our bodies and brains.  No doubt.  I want to feel good and I want my children to be healthy and active.  Therefore, at this point in their lives, I need to be responsible for what we eat.  Or, do not eat. The idea is not to eliminate everything, but to minimize the burden on our immune systems, so they can function properly and be put to better use, such as during influenza season.  None of my kids are immunized (yes, many people have a problem with that). That is a post for another time that my husband might have to help me write.  It is our personal decision and I do not push one way or another but I like to let others know we have choices.  Being a parent is much about is not easy, but it is a part of our freedom AND education on the matter.
NeuroScience Inc Blogfood sensitivities post: a blog written by a few of Joe's co-workers

neurorelief: main website for NeuroScience (company Joe works for - since 2000)

NEI Nutrition: link to where you can find more info about immune system reactions to foods and inhalants.  

Food Sensitivities: link to more info on specifically food sensitivities (which are different than food allergies).

As you poke around Neurorelief, you'll notice they test neurotransmitters as well (among other things - they have a lab as well).  This is more of Joe's area there, and they are affected by what we eat!


  1. Thanks for sharing the links! I can't wait to check them out!

  2. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing!

  3. It is very interesting and I am so happy you shared! I am still kind of confused. The Neurorelief site talks about IgG testing for sensitivities--that is still immune-mediated as it is testing the immunoglobins (more to test a delayed histamine release response vs. IgE which is the more immediate response). That makes it sound like food sensitivities are related to allergies (which is typically testing IgE). This is so complicated!

  4. Okay, so Ellie has had IgE and RAST (skin testing). All are normal. Celiac testing normal. Waiting for biopsy but looks normal so far. Looks like IgG Food panel would be good. Ilisa, did you have IgG drawn?

  5. Awesome! Thanks for helping me with this. You are the best :) Amanda