Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hustle and Bustle

I have so many things to blog about, and too little time.  I go back to work on Tuesday and I have a photography session tomorrow evening.  I have so many things I want to get done...

In the meantime, you might read less words and see more pictures.  Lots going on and I have lots of thoughts and such, but it takes time to get here to write.

Here are some pics from the weekend.  We did yardwork and hosted a patch tour (which included 3 other patches), went to a potluck for that tour, went to my college friend's party - turned engagement party :), and went out for a 10.3 miler (.3 was just part of the route, not planned), harvested tomatoes and sneezed my head off (lovely fall allergies I have), and went to my niece's birthday party.  Wow!  No wonder I am stressing about stuff to get done here.  I have a list ready for tomorrow but I mainly want to spend time with my boys.

We enjoyed our Friday evening, and I loved playing with the setting sun and pictures:
That picture of Calvin cracks me up!
Calvin does have boy parts, they were neatly tucked away :)
I prepped some containers with Calvin's supplements so his daycare provider can easily mix them into his food.  I am sad to be planning Calvin's care in my absence.  Fortunately he will be in good hands.
Partially filled.  NuTriVene D (daily enzymes now too), Longvida Curcumin, and I added 1/8 tsp Choline.  Here is a link to more information about choline and Down syndrome: link

I will add the nighttime supplement and probiotic to the evening meal.


  1. Okay, I just want to come over and hold Calvin because he is so adorable! Are those huge pumpkins I saw in the patch? Amazing! The stress of preparing for change is always a lot, but once the routine becomes part of life it gets easier! Enjoy tomorrow with those precious boys! :)

  2. I love the facial expressions that Calvin has. Your boys seem to love kitties :) Let me know what you think of NuTriVene D. I am still on the fence so hearing from people I know & trust is a huge determining factor. Enjoy and treasure today with those sweet boys of yours.

  3. Cuties...why is it your raspberries look awesome and have berries and mine...well mine are brown and dried out :(

  4. that is a HUGE pumpkin!! way cool...and your kiddos eat so jealous! LOVE the pix's of cute! smiles

  5. Beautiful pictures and kiddos! Your fruits and veggies look fantastic!

  6. These are such beautiful pictures!!