Monday, September 26, 2011

Holy Buckets!

There simply is not enough time in the day. 
Work has summed the majority of my very being. I stress and stress about it and then get to work and find it hard to focus.

I was not like this before 3 kids.

I know I will get there - wherever that is and whatever that means!

I pump, too, which keeps me grounded and focused on my kids.
That is all the milk I stored after a week at work (meaning Calvin ate what he could and that is leftovers). I took a picture because of the pressure I can get about Calvin being small.

And so is that cool 3 year old!
Random moments: 
My boys love books and my husband is so good about reading to them.  Also, it used to be light out during story time :(  Bye bye summer.

Evan is starting to want to know what everything says and how to spell various words.

On the way to the walk yesterday (I'll get to in a second) he spelled red without being asked and went on to start sounding out blue and green. I cannot help but think about how different it may likely be with Calvin and even Nolan.

Oh, hey, wanna see the bear my brother-in-law shot just down the road?

As far as this past week, besides the stress of Angel's funeral, the boys came down with very nasty colds. Calvin's eyes have been swollen, red, and full of gunk. Nolan and Calvin have had fevers, Nolan and Evan have thrown up from coughing or fevers and have had other stomach issues, and every one of them has been more needy.
Do not be fooled, this was after a warm bath to open the eyes that were glued shut - they are swollen in the previous picture AND that looked good compared to the past 2 days :(
So, all 3 boys were/are ill enough to stay home today, which meant I did as well. I took advantage of it and washed a lot of clothes, cleaned floors and did whatever I could to eliminate the germs. Joe is on duty tomorrow with the younger 2 and Evan will be back at school.

I have been staying on this side of the fine line that lies between just enough vitamin C to avoid getting sick and too much vitamin C to get a sick stomach.

Whatever cold this is has been the hardest on the kids since Evan and I had influenza in March of 2008. I was pregnant with Nolan. I have often wondered if that is why he is so tough - he lived through it. I have never been more ill.

Well, enough sick talk. We did get out and do the 2011 Buddy Walk - MN Association of Ds calls ours Step Up for Down syndrome.  The weather was great and so was the company!Photobucket
Last year I was very emotional. I remember looking around for all the kids with Ds. I wanted to know what it was like but I couldn't grasp it.
(Nolan was out of sorts and needed to be carried the majority of the time)
I was still mothering a child with a major heart defect, thrush, eye infections (plugged tear ducts AND thrush were the culprits), and a boy who did not nurse. It was very tough. This year was very different.
When I saw people with Ds yesterday, I did not have an emotional reaction. One boy, probably a teenager, said 'hi' to me. I say teenager because he was strutting his stuff! He probably caught the eye of a few of the ladies there. Full of confidence was he!
(I like Calvin's tongue sticking out at Aunt Doopie!)

I felt as though life is normal and good (of course healthy kids would have been a plus).
How sweet is that boy?!!  Thank you, God, for your blessing of Calvin!
Thanks Aunts Katie, Chrissy, and Doopie, Grandmas JoJo and Linda, and friends Amanda, Peggy, and Abby! Your support is appreciated and does not go unnoticed or go by without a prayer of thanks.

Praying for a healthier week ahead!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Finally Photos

I have lots to write.  It has been a very busy and emotional week for me and many others.  We had Angel's funeral today and her visitation last night.  By the way, that picture in the previous post is of her holding me.

Angel was the oldest cousin on my mom's side.

She was a tough woman.  She was also very active.  Her service was one of the most moving I have ever been to.  There were many family and friends and roughly 60 service men and women present.  Angel was a firefighter and a member of the EMT.  She was passionate about helping others and it was evident she touched many people.  It was neat to see today, it was a celebration of her life.

This has been a very different death for me.  I have not cried a whole lot.  I have been thinking about that.  It is not that Angel did not mean a lot to me.  It is not that her life was not held as significant by me.  I think and think about her and death and what it is like.  I pray and pray for her husband, children, sister, and everyone else who loved her deeply and is suffering and in pain.

However, Angel is not in pain.  She is exactly where she wanted to be.  With Jesus.  I do not doubt that and I hold on to that when I think about what has happened.

Sure, people could have used her longer.  She could have lived life out a bit more.  But God does not simply leave a path of destruction.

I am tired, so I am going to end here.  I find it difficult to express what I am thinking and feeling.  Maybe it is because something like this takes us all over the place in thought and emotion.

Photos from last week (some of them to start with):

"Here a bear, there a bear, everywhere a beary bear."

This is a bear.  This is behind our home.  (the date is not right, it was last week)

PhotobucketLast Friday my brother-in-law, Dan, shot a black bear a half a mile from our home.  There are many around here.

I have seen them out on my morning jogs, during evening walks (the first time I saw one Evan was about 1 and we were out walking together - a different bear siting than the time we saw a cinnamon one in Glacier in summer of 2008), and evening drives.

They really scare me but do not stop me from running.  I just run faster.

Here are some photos of my sweet boy.  I wish he was as healthy as last weekend :(  He, along with his brothers, have upper respiratory issues: eyes, lungs, noses...poor boys!

These pictures make me smile!