Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Taste of "More"

I realized my camera filled up during this video but you should be able to pick up what I'm throwing down.

So, off topic...we love the Pigeon books and have had 3 of them over a year but read them tonight.  They are so fun to read and if you have a sense of humor, check them out.  Great author with other good books :)  I am surely ordering more for Christmas gifts!

I will tape Calvie sitting up from laying down on the ground.  I noticed he sat back up on Saturday but thought it might have been an "accident"; that his leg was just caught under him so it was easy.  Then last night I saw him on his back after bathtime and when I went to brush the other boys' teeth I walked by him and he was sitting up.  I had a flashing moment and thought "Hmmm, he moved...he's sitting up.  He's SITTING UP!  'Yay Calvin!' "  After a long night of freezing corn and getting numerous fire calls/pages, including a 3 year old lost in a corn field, I finally got the camera ready and was taping him showing off.  Then in the middle of it come Nolan sans bottom half of his PJs/diaper.  I will not put that on here but will get a clean shot tomorrow.

I have Wednesdays "off" and am bringing Nolan to the dentist in the afternoon.  I am loving having Wednesday's off.  I don't think I could do this if it were not for those days.

Joe is in Boston, I think (he he he! - which is laughing by the way).  I am a single mom right now and feeling it after 2 nights of being up from 2-3 with Calvin followed by Nolan.  I was up at 6 and 5:30 for the day because of getting Calvin fed and such.  It is tiring but I do love my job.  I am surrounded by a few hundred kids who I am getting to know more and more.  "I will survive" and "With God anything is possible" keep coming to mind.

Joe and I have been a bit out of sorts.  Okay, I have been the most.  I decided last night that I will no longer do things just for the sake of others' wishes.  If I cannot add to my plate then I will say 'no'.  I want to get more into photography and the fall season around here is soooo busy with the garden.

I loved Nicolas Spark's memoir Three Weeks With My Brother.  The most valuable lesson I got out of that was in regards to the way his brother reacted to the many stressors that were put on them.  His brother wanted less stress which meant less responsibility which came from 'things'.  So, he got rid of 'things' and life was less stressful.  I want to clear my home and life of 'things' that are not important.

When I think about wanting material items I remember to think about the added stress that comes from having such items and often times decide against them.  For example, before getting the van I was happy with my car because it meant less care regarding its looks and cleanliness.  Now I have the added stress of keeping the van clean and nice since it is brandnew and costs a lot of money.  Also, sometimes I think about wanting a nicer/bigger house (just typical daydreaming since I am blessed already with what we have) and then remember the extra stress that comes along with such things.  No thanks!  I want smaller after thinking about the time I could be relaxing and enjoying life instead of working!

Wow, it is getting late and I am messing with Wordless Wednesdays!  Until next time!


  1. Love the video! He's a cutie. We did some de-cluttering recently for a garage sale & it really was freeing to get rid of unnecessary stuff.

  2. Absolutely loved the video! I think he is so cute. Renee watched it with me and was smiling the whole time watching it saying how cute he is! (And excited to see who Calvin is who I talk about a lot!). Yes, clearing that plate of the really unimportant things. Hard to do though...I know because I am working on it too!

  3. Yay!! He needs teach Charlotte how to do that :-)!

  4. Whoo hoo! Go Calvin! I need to check out the pigeon books :)