Thursday, September 8, 2011

updates! part 2

Nolan turned 3 last weekend and is such a kid!  He was so sad after Evan got on and off the school bus.  He wanted to ride it!  Nolan also got a hair cut.  He is sick (as are Evan and Calvin) but is the most whiny of the bunch.

I remember when Nolan was born.  He was a quick delivery like Evan and Calvin (right in between on times etc) but what I remember most was he did not want to stop nursing. Ever!  I slept with him for 7 months.  Nurse on one side.  He'd wake up.  Nurse on the other side. Wake up. Switch.  I was so tired and often sick.

(If you haven't noticed, I am a sucker for crying kids)

In fact, I had the stomach flu and he was about 4 months old.  I was so miserable and all I had energy for was to sit there and nurse him.  He never seemed to get sick the way I did.  I think my energy level was shot from Nolan.  And, as you may be able to tell, he is still an energy consumer of others in the way he expresses his own.  He is physically a tough little one with little fear (but he's afraid of things like thunder and loud tractors and burn-outs). Photobucket

Nolan and I were home the day after having him and then we went to my brother David's wedding.  Nolan was the youngest one there at 2 days old.  Like Evan, we had to deal with jaundice and soreness from nursing.

Nolan is captivating and steals the show wherever we go.  Usually it is just because he does what he wants.  Like wear sunglasses for hours, even when it is getting dark.  Or like saying "that annoy me" or "awww, darn it!" or "I Noonan".  I love Nolan's little man voice and the way he expresses his feelings.  He will always have my heart because he is so pure.  I pray he always has that element of character.

It's all fun and games until someone doesn't get to go to school with his older brother.


  1. Happy birthday Nolan! Don't worry big boy, soon you will be will Evan at school.

  2. Happy Birthday have wonderful boys! Love the the big pumpkin picture! They do miss their siblings, huh? Looks like a great party!