Friday, October 7, 2011

Again, Again, Again, and Again!

Those are the song lyrics floating in my head this morning.

Calvin went back to the doctor yesterday afternoon after another day of still struggling to eat.  Poor guy.

He left with a needle poke and a nebulizer.  The doctor, a different one because I wanted a second opinion, said he is not dehydrated and since he was acting fine we had the option to either hospitalize him or do the treatments at home.  We opted for the comforts of home.

Calvin was given an antibiotic shot because of the double ear infection and how the drainage from his ears and sinuses is causing breathing and eating problems.  So, we did not give him the azithromycin last night but we did give the steroid and breathing treatment.  He is going to have treatments prior to or while he eats because we do not have a mask (should we have a mask??) and he does not want that thing in his mouth.  I plan to hold it by his nose and use a blow-by method.

Colds have another grip on the older two who seem to be back to coughing these past couple of days.  And, I am fighting something.  I took a lot of Vitamin C and an Airborne yesterday and I'd say I woke up in no worse condition.  I call that a success.

Joe?  Of course he is not sick.  I figure he is not the one being coughed and spit on so his chances are pretty slim.  I am grateful to have one less sick person around here to take care of.


  1. Oh baby boy! Many thoughts and prayers for Calvin and the rest of your family. Thank you for keeping us posted.

  2. Or one could argue that joe is not sick because he routinely is the target of coughing and spitting, thereby building immune resistance through constant exposure.

  3. Yikes! Hope this passes soon.

  4. But Joe, That would not explain me then, because I KNOW I am be coughed and spit on :)

  5. Poor boy. I hope he gets better soon! Nebulizer treatments were a dreaded but regular thing at our house when Zach was younger. We had a mask and we loved it. It made the whole treatment go much better b/c I didn't have to worry about making sure he was breathing enough in. Although I guess it helped that Zach hated it and screamed the entire time, which meant he was taking very deep breaths.

    I will be praying that Calvin gets better quickly!

  6. Yes, masks are definitely better. Those are the only things we use on pediatric patients in the ER. I have one at home for Kristen too. They have cute ones out there with animals on them too if you are lucky to find one. Oh, I will be saying prayers because this must be so tough. Email me if you wants some tips on oral hydration too...thinking of you.

  7. Oh that dreaded nebulizer... I had to use one with our older son and it was a nightmare trying to get him to keep the mask on. The medication he was on though (pulmicort I think?) stated that it MUST be used with a mask since it could harm his eyes. The mask we were given was way too big, ugh I was so paranoid whenever we used it. If he is just on albuterol it should be fine with the blow-by. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!!