Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another night...

I am actually in bed before 9 and I'm at the hospital.  I should say "Calvin is actually in bed before 9".  I do not think I have the energy to explain all the details.  I am very wiped out and have another head ache (I do not hardly ever get them).

I thought Calvin had an excellent day yesterday and was hopeful today we'd be home and I'd be in my own bed.  Wrong!

Boy oh boy though.  I was in the shower here and thinking about this journey.  I realize I am a critical person and I was determined to stay thinking about the positives.

I have met some wonderful people, for one.  People with their own great, yet challenging journeys.  One ER nurse told me about losing her daughter just 4 months ago. One week before she was born.  Another nurse shared with me that she has a child with Down syndrome.  A 14 year old who has many challenges including being non-verbal and still needing diapers.

Did that scare me?  Not at all.  If that is what happens, it happens.  Sure I want to communicate with Calvin and see him live a fairly easy life.  Yep, I admit it will potentially, in my self-centered mind, make my life easier as well.  But either way, I'd still love him and I know I would learn great things.  Just like the ER nurse who said she has learned more from her daughter than anything else.

We may be here a while.  Yes, this presents great challenges and commands strength.  I am trying hard to stay positive.  And going to sleep will help.  Another update tomorrow perhaps.


  1. Hang in there, I can only imagine the stress you are dealing with. Praying that Calvin gets better soon!

  2. Oh dear. Was so hoping to hear you were home, but inspired by hearing your positive words, nonetheless. Keeping those prayers coming your way and hoping you get some rest.

  3. So sorry to hear this. I'm sure it is scary and exhausting. Praying for you tonight. I hope you can put this behind you soon, and he will get better quickly.

  4. Oh Ilisa, I am sorry you guys are stuck at the hospital. Lots of love and prayers headed your way.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to update so I can keep praying focused prayers. I am so glad to hear the positive tone in this despite all you are experiencing. Yes, a good night of sleep does wonders. Hope you and Calvin both get one....

  6. Still praying here too ... I hope you are both home soon and Calvin is feeling.