Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Update from Calvin

I am sleeping right now.  I have not had much of that.  Yes, I know, I should not be able to sleep and blog at the same time, but I also cannot type either, so you get the idea!
Anyways, I am still here at the hospital.  I have been getting better but it will take awhile.  Did you know it takes about a month for pneumonia to clear up?  That is a long time!  I should feel lots better though in just a couple of weeks.
I am now on high-flow oxygen and I like it much better.  It is humidified, warm, and through it I can receive, as needed, saline and albuterol nebulizers.
I am getting all of this because I was feeling yucky on Sunday night and my breathing was labored (lots of retraction and fast paced) and I was getting really stuffed up.  The doctors took another chest xray.  It was not better, but they didn't expect it to be, they just wanted to make sure it was not worse.

I was very happy to see some people come in yesterday.  I waved and said 'hi' (in my own way).  I was also happy to see some of them go and waved 'bye'.  No, that is my mom's attitude.  However, I am tired of some things here as well.

Like I said, I have not got much sleep.  Well, just as I fall back asleep people come in.  One of the resident doctors came in when I was sound asleep and yanked the tape off my face just to see how I'd do without the extra oxygen.  That made my mom unhappy because I woke up and cried.  I am tired!  She is now going to tell people they have to leave me alone when I am sleeping.  Actually, she has had to do that a couple times already.  She wants it to be about me and what I need, not what they need.  Those things can happen when it works better in my schedule.

I started this post this morning and it is now the afternoon.  I am with Grandma Jo Jo.  Dad came and saw me for a few hours and Mom went home to be with Nolan.  She is staying home until she sees my brother Evan after he comes off the bus.  She says she misses them too and it is hard to be in one place at a time.

I decided I would take a bottle again today so she could get out of here.  I did not want one yesterday.

I got up at 1:30am yesterday morning and was awake until 6.  My mom was not feeling well so she went home at 2:30 to sleep.  The staff - I think a doctor student - called my mom because I was "inconsolable".  I was tired and needed a familiar face.  So, she came back by 10am.  Then I barely slept all day (again, the resident woke me at 7:30 to look at me!) and finally zonked out at 10pm.  I slept until 3:15am and was up until 6.  Then I fell back asleep until the tape yanking incident.

I am a little better today but I still need oxygen.  I also tire out very quickly and need to lay down and rest.

Hopefully I will be able to sleep in my own bed tomorrow or Thursday!  Thanks for your prayers and support!Photobucket


  1. Prayers coming your way that you and Cal get to sleep in your own beds soon. We are thinking about you and hope things turn around asap.
    Love ya,

  2. Ugh the constant prodding drove me nuts too, though they did try to keep it to a minimum while he was sleeping. Continued prayers that you are all home in your own beds SOON!! <3

  3. So sorry to hear Calvin is in the hospital...poor liitle guy. Sending prayers your way and I hope he will be feeling better real soon.
    You take care of yourself mom!!

    Pam @She's Our Butterfly

  4. Thanks for the update Calvin. Keep working on getting yourself better and sleeping and take care of that Mommy!

  5. Sending prayers for your sweet little guy.