Saturday, November 12, 2011

Slightly Silent Saturday

We had a good, busy day.  We enjoyed some unusually warm November weather.  Calvin woke up once last night!  God knows what I need!
He moves all over the house.  He gets into things and makes messes.  It is great!
Mr. Meowy disappeared about 3 months ago.  This little girl showed up about 1.5 months ago.  She is a kitten and has grown a lot.  She is supposed to be outside, but gets let in for a few minutes here and there...She tolerates the kids really well.  Nolan pulls her tail.  Calvin grabs her fur and skin.  She did a nice job and brought a dead mouse on to the deck.  She is earning her keep!  Oh, and her name?  Cowie.  Not my creative doing.
This is my brother Jason.  He was in charge of the boys (including his own who is Nolan's age).  Evan ran in the house, "Come see, Jason is climbing a tree!"  He was about 25 feet up...
Jason and his son, my nephew, monkeying around...
The best part of today?  This picture was taken mere moments before this boy somehow knocked my camera into my lip, causing quite the large bloody, purple gross bottom lip.  Joe definately does not want to kiss me much right now.  I'll have to post a picture.

The pumpkin bars were awesome.  Keyword?  "Were".  Calvin even approved!


  1. I miss the boys! I am not coming home until Christmas either. I will have to come see them on my break

  2. Your boys are so cute. Looks like you had a great day. Oh...This is just the start of Calvin's mobility! Look out world!:)

  3. Lovely pictures. Oh I want to just kiss Calvin's little cheeks! So glad you got a good night of sleep.

  4. I had fun yesterday hanging out with everyone while Mike and I were home! :) Love the pics!

  5. These are so great! Sorry to hear about your lip.

  6. We enjoyed our warm November too! I love all the pictures!