Monday, December 12, 2011

Spike It

And you will have things you will like to talk about, and I will, too.
Thanks Mr. Rogers.  You're correct.  I do have lots to talk about.  Just not enough time.  I hope posting pictures and sharing the love I have for my boys is advocacy enough right now.  I love Down syndrome and Thank God for it Every Day.  I would never ever delete it from my life.  I would never take it away from Calvin.  I know he is who he was made to be.  He is a miracle.  Otherwise more people would have it!

And believe me, I was pretty afraid.  I was just thinking about it on my drive to school.  "Where did I come up with my fears?"  I do not know and I never want anyone to think the way I did or worry about what I did.  It was useless except I can now compare and be glad in it.
(Evan's first mohawk - begged for it for weeks, I'm just too lazy to have gotten out the goo)

As a follow-up to the throwing up thing - it was a bug.  Nolan joined in the ranks that evening.

Praying for strong immunities here.

God, you have heard me a lot lately.  I get that you do not want to grant me the one thing I plead you for.  So, I thank you for giving me energy and a happy husband.  Those two things, and you as well, get me through the days.



  1. Love the spike! We will be praying for the strong immunities!

  2. Love Evan's hair! It reminds me of a younger Joe. It just needs to be purple now. ;)