Monday, January 23, 2012

23:366 (18 months old)

This animal is partying for his 18 month old birthday!
And, he pulled himself to standing at the couch for the first time yesterday!  Hooray for Calvin!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

22:366 (Down hill...)

...Sledding, that is!Photobucket
(The boys watched Home Alone with Mike and Chrissy last night.  Nolan could play Kevin in the remake!)

We went to Doop (Joe's sister Danielle) and Dan's today.  They have a very steep hill in their backyard.  Joe's family gathered around a large pile of swamp grasses and dead tree branches to watch the kids play and ride snowmobiles (as much as one can when there is very little snow around here).  All was good and fun until the Tiller (Nolan) got hurt.  He quickly recovered and resumed his play.  He loved wearing the helmet, which was a saving grace as he decided to launch himself down the hill a couple more times...that boy will have me worried the rest of my life!Photobucket
Cal fell asleep on the ride there!  He sleeps like his mom ;)
The star of the show, Adrianna!
I'm pretty sure Nolan's neck will be sore tomorrow from lugging this helmet around.  He wanted it on at all times.
Cal has his dad wrapped around all 10 fingers and 10 toes, too!

21:366 (Overnight in River Falls)

Evan woke up at 5:30 yesterday and I told him to get back to sleep.  He loves playing the Wii in the mornings before going to school.  I never thought this whole gaming thing would happen so early in life.  Joe and I started implementing a 30 minute limit for school nights.  Evan is not whining or arguing, as he knows he will loose the privelage altogether for the following night.

So, when he came to me at 6:45 Saturday morning, I thought he would want to play games.  He simply asked if he could stay up.  I told him yes.  15 minutes later he returned and asked to play Wii.  I love when he asks, it is HUGE in my book that the boys ask before doing most things.  However, I was suprised he didn't play right away.

What were you doing?

I was packing my back-pack for Chrissy's!

The boys were so excited to spend the night in River Falls with Mike and Chrissy.  Sleep overs are rare and a first with those two.

Chrissy is my youngest sister.  I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters.  Chrissy is also the baby, but not A Baby.  The youngest child really needs to be allowed to grow just as the oldest.  I am sometimes afraid I will "baby" Calvin not only because he has Down syndrome, but because he might be the baby of our family.

Anyways, Nolan needed help packing his "pack-pack" he "got from Ryder"!  He remembers our neighbors gave it to him when Evan started school.  Too cute.  Evan is a natural assistant.

As you can see, Nolan makes a lot of headliners around here.  I am enjoying him so much as he is learning and talking more and more.   (He is also missing clothes a lot!)

20:366 (taking a breath)

I am a school counselor at a local (and wonderful) elementary school.  I work with kids in Junior Kindergarten through 6th grade.  My position is 80% full time and we just ended the first half of the school year!  It feels awesome because I know (or, I think I do) this will be the toughest year of my career.  Of course I really am just hoping that is the case!  Anyways, since I am part-time, I only have to attend 80% of the inservices.  I have fulfilled that requirement and therefore was able to stay home for Friday's inservice day!  As usual, I enjoyed my time with my boys.  I brought Evan to school to search the lost-and-found for snowpants and boots, then headed to the gym for a run and a swim, and was home by 10.  I am so blessed to have family close by.  Grandma Jo Jo took the youngest 2 so I could accomplish all that.

Nolan thought it was funny to wear Cal's pants on his head (we took a big bubble bath when we got back from Grandma's). PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
Joe was in Seattle from Wednesday until late Friday. The city was shut down so he spent 2.5 days in the hotel. I figured he would be nice and rested when he returned! I also was figuring (which is the same as assuming - something I do too much of) he would not get to fixing the cheap, broken draw that belongs on the cheap armoire in the laundry room.

The boys room is downstairs and the laundry facilities are up.   We grew tired of hauling clothes back and forth and so it was decided to keep their favorite clothes right in the laundry room.  It works like a charm, except when it falls apart! Therefore I got out the tools and did it myself! My parents were proud - they raised me right ;) Nolan liked the tools, of course.  I caught the cross-eyes again! Photobucket
Cal and Nol played with the laundry basket and I thought Cal was looking so big standing up at it!
He is also pretty happy with himself!  I like that picture :)

19:366 (MOTIVaTOR)

If Calvin is "the CALVINaTOR" then Nolan is "the MOTIVaTOR"!  I see what many have meant when they said Calvin's brothers will be his biggest motivators.

Thank you so much for all the encouragement to shout out Calvin's accomplishments. I just really want others to know I am exercising sensitivity towards other children and their families :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

18:366 (Wonderful Wednesday)

I have been wanting to share how great things are going around her with the CALVINaTOR.  The past 1.5 weeks have been so wonderful.  He has made more gains in that short time since the fall began.

As I begin to think about what I want to write, I remind myself of what it sometimes feels like to read other blogs and hear words from other parents.  I will admit to you I can feel like there is a fair amount of insensitivity in bragging.

When you have babies, you are often surrounded by other people having babies.  Sisters, brothers, friends, co-workers, neighbors, you name it.  We are not apart from that.  I have nieces and nephews very near Cal's age.  I have many friends who have had babies close to Cal's birth date.

Let me back up.  When I was pregnant with Cal and found out about his diagnosis, something changed.  I felt a loss.  I knew I was pregnant.  My stomach could not lie.  I felt him move around more than his brothers.  He was there, screaming, "Notice me!  I am about to change your life"!  Yet, as I looked around and saw other popped out tummies and heard women talk about their babies, I could no longer relate.  Call me dramatic, call me what you will.  My life was not going to be the same as I once thought.

So, going back to my point (thanks for reading about my many points, I hope they are not too sharp)...I NEVER want anyone to ready what I write and be hurt.  I NEVER want ANYONE to think I am only thinking of Calvin and not of the other children who struggle and/or work so much harder than him.  Hell, I never want anyone to think I do not think of the fact that I HAVE Calvin.  He is alive!

Dang, here I go again, getting off topic.  Calvin has been doing well, for him.  And, this is not about winning and competing, as there is plenty of it elsewhere.  I am not interested in his life becoming someone's game.  Hell, he is not my game.  (Okay, enough 'hell', I am not a swearer, but sometimes it is necessary to express my feelings, damn it - had to add that for my dad).

Seriously, could you just get to the point?  My blood sugar level is low, I need some dessert...

I am trying to say that my feelings get hurt when people brag about how awesome their kid is doing and my 18 month old is nowhere near that, or is, but their child is a quarter his age.  It is tough because I am a flawed human being.  But then God steps in and reminds me to a) quit swearing, b)grow up, I am a mom c)focus on Him d)focus on Him - yes, he says that twice

Okay, here goes my description of where Cal is at: He points and babbles, he mimics A LOT, he rocks on all 4's, he laughs more, he has a stronger/longer attention span for books, he says "ada" and signs "all done" but don't get me wrong he has no clue to use that when he is all done because he randomly does it or mimics me but I'll take what I can get, he dances, he drives cars on his dads leg after his dad shows him, he stacks this stacker but again I'm not saying he stacks all of them and in the right spot but he can put one or two on and not just throw them, and I know there is more but he is always here so I do not notice all the changes but I know they are there and I am loving it! (talk about run-on sentences)

It was hard to teach Cal things when he didn't respond.  I need that reinforcement and now I am getting it!

Pictures from today...
Nolan helped make a fun video that I intend to share soon :)
Nolan and I had some quality time while the Q slept.
Gotta love!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

17:366 (4 point)

The evenings fly by.  We try to spend time all together on the living room floor - without the tv or computers.  Calvin loves his elephant from Grandma Jo Jo.  He knows to hit the red button for the music and popper.
Rock out time!
Bed time!  

16:366 (rock 'n' roll!)

Since Cal has discovered his love for music and dancing he also discovered getting up on his hands and knees!  I saw this on Sunday for the first time!  I am thrilled to see him up rocking.  I think he will probably accidently start 4-point crawling.  I would rather have that than cruising furniture or walking.  That is just me though.Photobucket
I love his little feet and how bendable he is.  This is due to low muscle tone: Which is what helps Cal be a bit behind his brothers in the physical milestone area.  However, the milestones will come and I will cherish them that much more.

Nolan has the goofiest eyes.  He used to cross them a lot as a baby and then grew out of it.  However, I know I should bring him to the eye doctor.  He can do this on command and was quite proud of himself:

15:366 (ta da!)

Guess what Evan was begging to do this morning?  First they went outside to play and I took them swimming at The Centre.  I got in a good workout and then chased after these 2 in hopes they would be settled down for the big Packer game.  Unfortunately we know how the game went :(  

Nolan became interested in Angry Birds as well.  Oh boy!
Calvin was pretty satisfied once he discovered the furnace vent:  
Big Boy!  26.5 inches!

14:366 (lego my eggo)

I took many pictures today.  I was blessed to photograph a friend's baby and shot some great photos!  More on that to come very soon!  I am finishing up the website to have it ready to launch and not be too embarrassed.  It is hard to learn so much!
We started the day out early, playing with legos while Joe and Nolan slept in our bed, and ended up at my parent's to see my sisters. Photobucket
Evan has helped "play puzzle" for a couple of years now.  He sure has fun!  I think Aunt Chrissy does, too!  (I get a kick out of her face here...)
Photobucket The boys discovered their Aunts' electronics; Angry Birds to be exact.  It was quite something to see.  They are just too young to look like this:PhotobucketPhotobucket
Evan was pretty excited to go back to Grandma Linda's and play with the girls' games!