Friday, January 13, 2012

13:366 (brightens my day)

Yep, it's him again!  Nolan is one cool dude!Photobucket

I must say I am so surprised by the outpouring of support from my post on Wednesday regarding Calvin's therapy.  I guess I didn't know so many of you would be feeling the same way.  I am not a super mom in some ways but I love and enjoy my kids.  So, that said, I feel like it is good enough.  Heck, it is great!  So much work, worry, and exhaustion.  Why add more?  I guess I am blessed to be at this place though. I have a great friend I met through blogging and she has shared she struggles with this.  But, she is so awesome with how dedicated she is and it shows in how hardworking and diligent she is with her child with Ds.  I admire that/her so much and admit I have times I am jealous of that because I have a slight fear of wondering if someday I'll wish I did more.

I liken all of this to the days Cal bottle fed.  I had to be okay with it, or I cried and was so sad.  Once I accepted it, I felt so much better.  I realize I make it sound easy.  It is not.

What helps you accept your struggles and shortcomings (we all have them!)?  I think experience, a natural supply of patience, tons and loads and globs of support, and exercise and cookies help me!


  1. You are too kind. :) Chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven work the best for me!

  2. I loved your last post because it was exactly how I was feeling. Loving our kids means we will never fail them, no matter how many or how little Therapies we cram into a month!

  3. Cookies help me too! I don't have an answer to your question but it is making me think - something I rarely find time to do:)