Tuesday, January 17, 2012

16:366 (rock 'n' roll!)

Since Cal has discovered his love for music and dancing he also discovered getting up on his hands and knees!  I saw this on Sunday for the first time!  I am thrilled to see him up rocking.  I think he will probably accidently start 4-point crawling.  I would rather have that than cruising furniture or walking.  That is just me though.Photobucket
I love his little feet and how bendable he is.  This is due to low muscle tone: Which is what helps Cal be a bit behind his brothers in the physical milestone area.  However, the milestones will come and I will cherish them that much more.

Nolan has the goofiest eyes.  He used to cross them a lot as a baby and then grew out of it.  However, I know I should bring him to the eye doctor.  He can do this on command and was quite proud of himself:


  1. Miss K and Calvin would have a blast dancing together! :) Sometimes she'll dance on her hands and knees; sometimes she does "push up" like moves while dancing. LOL And Nolan's expression with his eyes crossed is great!

  2. Judah still likes to sit like that on the couch when he watches tv and suck his toes!

  3. Calvin's expression in the bottom picture reminds me so much of Ben. Can't wait to read that he's officially crawling!