Sunday, January 22, 2012

21:366 (Overnight in River Falls)

Evan woke up at 5:30 yesterday and I told him to get back to sleep.  He loves playing the Wii in the mornings before going to school.  I never thought this whole gaming thing would happen so early in life.  Joe and I started implementing a 30 minute limit for school nights.  Evan is not whining or arguing, as he knows he will loose the privelage altogether for the following night.

So, when he came to me at 6:45 Saturday morning, I thought he would want to play games.  He simply asked if he could stay up.  I told him yes.  15 minutes later he returned and asked to play Wii.  I love when he asks, it is HUGE in my book that the boys ask before doing most things.  However, I was suprised he didn't play right away.

What were you doing?

I was packing my back-pack for Chrissy's!

The boys were so excited to spend the night in River Falls with Mike and Chrissy.  Sleep overs are rare and a first with those two.

Chrissy is my youngest sister.  I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters.  Chrissy is also the baby, but not A Baby.  The youngest child really needs to be allowed to grow just as the oldest.  I am sometimes afraid I will "baby" Calvin not only because he has Down syndrome, but because he might be the baby of our family.

Anyways, Nolan needed help packing his "pack-pack" he "got from Ryder"!  He remembers our neighbors gave it to him when Evan started school.  Too cute.  Evan is a natural assistant.

As you can see, Nolan makes a lot of headliners around here.  I am enjoying him so much as he is learning and talking more and more.   (He is also missing clothes a lot!)

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