Sunday, January 22, 2012

22:366 (Down hill...)

...Sledding, that is!Photobucket
(The boys watched Home Alone with Mike and Chrissy last night.  Nolan could play Kevin in the remake!)

We went to Doop (Joe's sister Danielle) and Dan's today.  They have a very steep hill in their backyard.  Joe's family gathered around a large pile of swamp grasses and dead tree branches to watch the kids play and ride snowmobiles (as much as one can when there is very little snow around here).  All was good and fun until the Tiller (Nolan) got hurt.  He quickly recovered and resumed his play.  He loved wearing the helmet, which was a saving grace as he decided to launch himself down the hill a couple more times...that boy will have me worried the rest of my life!Photobucket
Cal fell asleep on the ride there!  He sleeps like his mom ;)
The star of the show, Adrianna!
I'm pretty sure Nolan's neck will be sore tomorrow from lugging this helmet around.  He wanted it on at all times.
Cal has his dad wrapped around all 10 fingers and 10 toes, too!


  1. Oh my what a huge but fun hill! Renee would have been freaked out!:)

  2. Holy crap, great sledding hill!!

  3. How fun! it's 70degrees over here, =(

    Cal is such a cutie! I miss those days.