Friday, January 6, 2012

Photo-A-Day, day 6 (joining the ranks)

Evan stayed home from school. He also came down with this crud, as did I. However, I am fairing well enough, just very worn out from 3 kids waking at all hours of the night. Evan is running much the same course as Nolan. When the meds kick in, all is well!

I fixed up Evan's 'gee gee' and cut out this piece from the original.  I have looked and looked for the flannel that makes up his baby blanket.  No such luck.  So it is inside 2 new pieces and he has this little piece left for snuggles.  He makes sure he has it!


  1. Aww ... mom's and their children's blankets. I had to do something similar with Mr. I's blanket. It is one of those woven ones with the fringe around the edges. He "stole" it from me when he was one. I finally had to fold what is left of it in half and sew a piece of thick flannel in the middle, sandwich-like.

  2. By the way, I am loving your picture-a-day photos. This one, in particular, is beautiful. I love the lighting!

  3. I agree, this picture is great! Colin has his "brown softie." I often wonder why a particular blanket can offer so much comfort. Nonetheless, he loves it!