Thursday, March 1, 2012

Peek-A-Boo Video

I have been meaning to post this video for some time now.  I finally signed up for a youtube account because it was not working to upload to photobucket or right to blogger!

WARNING: You will see a very wild Nolan.  We are working on taming him but it is who he is.  You will see things I am not extremely proud of!  :)   However, Calvin and I are guilty of reinforcing it by giggling and video tapping him!

I miss that happy boy!  Calvin is doing okay but we are going to the doctor this afternoon.  I think we'll be told to keep doing what we are, but I do not want to overlook anything.  He has been eating less and showing less energy.  The coughing is getting ridiculous and is not enjoyable at all hours of the night.

Having sick kids makes everything worse.  The majority of parents know exactly what I am referring to.  I feel like I soak up their moods and struggles.  I suppose it is empathy and helps me help them, but it is wearing.  I told my mom last night that I do not know how I did it last fall.  4 months of misery.  I was miserable.  Calvin was miserable.  Joe was, too.  But, we survived.  And we will this round, too.

I am excited to share more about Calvin's development.  Next time.


  1. Way cute and so fun...the laughter is certainly contagious! So different in the land of the girls! Thanks for sharing....Hope all goes well today at the doctor.

  2. Love how awesome they play together. I hope he feels better soon.