Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thurviving Thursday!

I truly take one day at a time.  I have changed so much!  I wish I was like this when I was younger.

In college I played rugby.  The sport that is 50%, well, sport, and 50% party.  I loved beer and dancing and having too much fun.  Some fun is not appropriate to shout to the world and will stay tucked away in my brain, along with Joe's, Mandy's, Jess', Lisa's, Rae Ann's, Chris', Katie's, Michael's (my brother who drank at a party with us and rode his bike home and fell, safely, into the grass along side the trail...not a good big sister!), Jason's, Seb's, Candy's, and many more friends!  I loved being social.  At times.

Sometimes I just wanted to stay back.  Read my book.  Have my routine.  Then Lisa would offer to curl my hair and we'd start laughing and before I knew it, I would be home from the bars wrestling with Mandy!  Mandy and I are the tom boys of the bunch.  Lisa sometimes, too.  Jess?  Not so much!

I really do love my friends.  I told Amanda that tonight - in a message.  I realize it is so.  I am so thankful for the close people in my life who support me and have never created drama.

I have learned to relax and let go by having that trust in my relationships with people.  My experience with Calvin would not have been so smooth if it were not for people.  They, you, have been so supportive.  Because of that, I have learned to let go and offer God the controls.

I am nervous, just a tiny bit, about my first triatholon this Saturday.  I keep wondering how I'm going to stay warm with wet clothes on.  I realize that it will be okay!  If I have to get naked and put on dry underwear, well, so be it!  I figure if people are looking, then they will just have more time added to their event, and that serves to my benefit!  Yeah, easy to say tonight!  I'll have to share how it goes.  I wish I could be snapping pictures along the way!

I said I'd share a sort of photo-dump from the past week or here it goes, enjoy your weekend:

Happy 1st Birthday, Cousin Adam!  We had fun at your party (not sure why Jacob has toys on his head?!)
*I splurged and purchased my first camera, smart phone, the HTC Amaze, and these photos were taken with it)
I spent some time on the phone with a person at NuTriVene, I will post about that next time - Cal's supplements have changed....
Joe started the giant pumpkins last Saturday night.  They are up and ready to be planted!
Nolan was upset with Evan about something...Nolan was not 100% himself on Sunday, and I'll share why in a sec.
I like the panoramic option on my phone!  Joe got the giant site ready on Sunday.  The boys played with their trucks in the dirt, below.
I had a lot of cleaning up to do after a day working on the lawn and garden!!  Yuck!
On my way to work on Monday is the time Nolan shared what was going on Sunday.  He threw up and proceeded to sleep on the couch all day.  The poor kid was not able to consume anything :(  But, I got Evan on the bus and made the most of my day.  God knows when I need a break, so I thank Him for giving me what I need.  It is amazing that when I start looking for Him in my life, I see Him all over!  It is very awesome.


  1. I love that panoramic view. Good luck with your big event! That is so very exciting. Yes, friends are so nice...people to just be yourself with and go along on this adventure in life!

  2. I love the title for your post! Best wishes on your triathlon. I hope you'll do a post on it!

  3. My favorite picture is the one with the three boys playing trucks in the dirt, so cute!! Good luck with the triathlon!

  4. Sweet! I am totally picturing you pulling on dry undies during the race. Good luck. I'm rooting for you to stay warm and do well!