Monday, April 9, 2012


Calvin had his adenoids out and ear tubes replaced Friday morning.  He came home that evening and is doing very well!  Still congested but the antibiotics should continue to ward off any infection and he should be as good as new in a week.

Calvin weighs about 18.5 pounds and is over 27".  I just got him into 12 month clothes a couple days ago - and the pants are a tad bit long.  He is tiny!

I know Calvin is doing well and has grown/gained so much since the beginning of the year BUT I must say I am warding off the negative thoughts of "he doesn't feed himself yet, he does not have a word yet, he barely signs anything".  I  know he will make gains and I'll be thrilled.  After all, he DOES have Down syndrome and this is pretty typical.  I mean, I have to give up this idea that maybe, just MAYBE he will be different.  That I will be able to provide him with something that will level him on the playing field.

So, as I go down this path, I think not what he is or is not doing, and think of who I have become because of this little addition to our family.  I love that boy and he is amazing.  That is what matters most.  I think it is just that nagging guilt of 'not doing enough for him'.

And, that is devil talk, because I am doing everything I can considering the balancing act I am trying to perform!

Below are pictures from Evan's 6th Birthday!  It was a good time - I did not make any food.  The cake is from Sam's and my mom helped make sloppy joes.  I bought a veggie tray and chips/dip.  I was thinking about how people blog these beautiful photos from birthday parties and it looks like they spent $300-400 and 48 hours of their life to prepare for.  I have neither so this is what I came up with, and you know what?  Good times were had by all!  All that matters :)

Pictures of Cal to come later!  Thanks for your virtual visit of the Ailts Family!



  1. I'm no expert in Ds but everytime I see a picture of Calvin I'm always impressed with what he is doing! We also have very simple parties. I don't decorate. I don't hand out party favors. I prepare the simplest of foods. But we always have a fun time! And happy birthday to Evan!

  2. Oh, Calvin is doing great! I love the updates...

    I keep my parties pretty simple as well. I see these blogs with moms that throw amazingly decorated parties. I have just come to terms that will never be me. But, that does not mean you cannot still have fun. I have found too that kids just love the day if they can eat cake, see family and friends, and open some gifts! Loved all the photos! Happy Birthday Evan! you feel like the time goes by too fast?

  3. I just had to share, as our Charlie is now 6 and talking away, doing so much... I remember those days, wondering if he would ever speak, ever feed himself, and so many other things... It comes. It really does, and then you will be looking at another mother's blog and the beautiful photos of her darling baby boy with Down Syndrome and wish so much for those days. What a snuggly guy you have. So bright eyed and gentle. And really, it isn't so bad to get to have two years of babyhood out of one child. A unique experience to be sure, and so precious. I long for those days! Enjoy! :)

  4. That's great everything went well for Calvins surgery, hope he recovers quickly! And I agree with everyone else, I think Cal sounds like he is doing fabulous, and he will continue to grow and learn at his own little pace. I loved Kims comment above, it's so true. I often read blogs of Moms even a year behind me and the worries and concerns they have are all ones I had, but now seem so far away. Everything falls into place and we just need to enjoy the here and now.
    I love reading updates on your family :)

  5. Thanks Girls! I knew I could count on you! I am so grateful to have 'met' people along the way that are further down the road - you guys are the true experts! And thanks for the reminders to just appreciate the baby I am blessed with.

  6. So so happy that his surgery went well. Hope he's recovering well and getting lots of good mama snuggles. I think he's doing amazing too. He's always been a role model for me with Cora. (But she is sure gaining on him in size about now--- she's about 17.5 lbs herself! Who'd have thought I would think that was big!?) But I understand... I always feel like everything that she is NOT yet doing is so far off. And then she turns around and does stuff. The waiting for things is hard sometimes. That nagging little evil voice that tries to tell us we're not doing enough is full of it!