Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh Bear

I decided to sell some of 'my' baby stuff. Really, it's not mine. That would be weird if I used it! (You encouraged it, you said I should be weird) So, as I "swept" the sweating, dirty, detached garage floor and watched Calvin swim and drink his way through it, the following animal thought it should venture on over across the road from us.

I had enough of Calvin's dirt fest and decided, together with Joe and the other boys, we should get the little dirt balls in to wash them up and have some down time. Had we decided this just a few minutes earlier or later we would have missed it. It was very exciting, in a way. Joe took The Q (Calvin's official nickname) and I ran for my camera. He was moving so slow I knew I would have time. Coolness. Again, in a way.


  1. That is so cool! I showed the girls the bear...not something you see around our house at all. :)

  2. Super cool. So this means you DO wash those dirt balls of yours? He he. I love seeing them all covered in dirt!

  3. I am terrified of bears...We get them in our yard all the time. There was a Mom out here who left her two year old in the sandbox while she ran inside to grab something real quick...When she came back she saw a black bear in a tree reaching over the fence trying to grab him...Scary.

    Also, I love pictures of your boys covered in dirt...Every time I look at your header picture I smile :)

  4. That is so awesome and a little scary at the same time.