Sunday, May 6, 2012

Reflux & Supplements

Calvin has had his adenoids out for a month now.  He has a little cold and it is not amounting to much, so that is a huge success!  He has slept through the night twice in the last week (and I hope tonight as it is late and I'm going to pay tomorrow morning!).
Right after getting home from the hospital, the day after Easter actually, Calvin's reflux was bad.  I spent some time in a real low spot because I work so hard to help him.  I feel like there has to be a reason and it is my mission to figure it out.  That week was pretty bad but got a little better.
As I put A and B together I started to question his supplement regime.  He was up to 1/2 tsp of Nutrivene D, 1/4 tsp curcumin, extra vitamin C, choline, and sometimes the daily enzyme from Nutrivene.  I would also give him extra melatonin along with the Nutrivene D nighttime supplement.
Sounds good and healthy, does it not?  I thought so too.  But I have come to realize it may have been too hard on his system.

I called the company and was left with a promise to have some 'know-it-all' (in the sincerest sense) call me back.  Sure enough, some big-wig called me back and spent 20 minutes with me on the phone.  We came to the following conclusion:

1. Feed Calvin smaller meals, more often
2. Make sure Calvin's meals are thick!
3. Cut the extra vitamin C, curcumin, choline, melatonin, and nighttime supplement (we also talked about his junky sleeping)
4. Cut the daily supplement in half, so down to 1/4 tsp a day and split that between 2-3 meals, with the last dose no later than 5pm
5. Continue with the probiotic
6. I forgot to mention the Omega 3s, so we're continuing with those.

In summary, Calvin now only takes the daily supplement twice a day (1/8 tsp each time), a probiotic, and the omega's.

Finally, I was sent a sample of the daily supplement that does not have the vitamin C or 2 other enzymes - I forget those at the moment.  He has been on this version a week and is doing well.

Overall I have to say I am noticing a large improvement.  There is still some reflux but we discussed this and it most likely will diminish as he becomes more upright.  I am continuing with a dairy and gluten free diet for Calvin.

untitled_2012_0001-97    untitled_2012_0001-99untitled_2012_0001-98
(Joe likes to hike the kid's pants up and proclaim they represent my Grandpa Sykora)
There you have it!  Excellent customer service with NuTriVene (I miss spelled above, oh darn)!  So thrilled with them, as I was back before Cal's heart surgery and they got back to me quickly after I presented them with a question via email. untitled_2012_0001-47


  1. oh my goodness, i literally woke tim up as i completely lost it over the pics of grampa sykora hiked pants! soooo stinkin' funny!! i love it! when cal is a teenager, he will love it too, i'm sure. hahahahahahaaaa!!

    and good job with the supplement detective work - sure makes me feel like a schlub for not supplementing my bugger's diet... we'll talk soon i'm sure. i'm interested. ;) keep it up, super mom! i love you, ttys

  2. You are so good at the supplements. Okay, the pants were funny. My husband used to put them on my girls heads and hikes them up too but not over the arms! That is hilarious!

  3. I agree with Becky. You are so good with the supplements. I actually have some of the Nutrivene supplements for Ben but haven't gotten into the habit of giving them to him. (One of the many things I feel guilty about.) And Calvin rocks pants as a complete outfit!:)

  4. That is so great. I have gotten so bad with supplements too. Before I was taking everything and she would get them second hand, but I have totally stopped taking most everything lately. Sigh. And I haven't even tried giving her anything but probiotics yet. Thanks for inspiring me to get back on it. At least with Omegas.