Tuesday, May 22, 2012

witty whit whit

God I love the wittiness in the pigeon books.  I wish I was witty.  All the time.

I would say exactly what is on my mind and people would just think I'm funny, not weird.  Cuz lots of people think I'm weird when I am being my goofy self, so I don't like to be my goofy self very much.  Which is too bad.  I should just drink more, then it wouldn't matter.  Except it would, cuz I don't like to drink much.  People get hurt and I would not do a good job as a mom, a counselor, a photographer, a wife, and whatever else it is I do.  Which is everything.

I am going to die pretty soon if I keep this up.  Just kidding.  I shouldn't kid like that.  Now you think I'm weird.  I am weird.  But I like myself.  And I like people who like me even though I'm weird.

Like when I put on a short presentation to parents a couple weeks ago.  My friend and co-worker Kim and I put our brains together and came up with a magic show about Love and Logic.  We have to do this statistic gathering side show and therefore asked parents if they would like more and how useful it was.  That sort of thing.  Then we asked something like "if not, why?" and we were going to add which presenter they liked better, like this: Do you like Ilisa or Kim better?  And we were going to give the option of neither.

Who wouldn't want to come to our presentations?  We rule.  No, you do cuz you're putting up with this awful blog post.

So I read this thing the other day and it was about how sinful we are because we are so self centered.  Well, I couldn't help but think about this whole blog and how self centered it is!  No wonder I only get like 5 comments.  People must really be sick of reading about me and my family.

"Blah blah fricken blah" is what I'd think if I read about us all the time!  Really, why not just post pictures?  Who has time to read this crap?!  Just kidding.  I know you like to cuz it's like a soap opera.  Drama this.  Brama, I mean drama, that.

Speaking of Brama, do you think Barack is going to be our president again?  I remember when I had Nolan, I was in the hospital, and that was all over the news.  It was September 3rd and 4th.  He was born only on the 4th, that would be something if it was both - I went to the hospital on the3rd.  Anyways, I remember looking at Palin thinking "Down syndrome".  I don't think I knew.  Well, of course I didn't!  But now I feel this sort of kinship with her and her family.

Just kidding.  That whole last paragraph was just to throw you off and take you for a ride.  It really doesn't matter.  None of this does.  Are you still reading though?

Honestly, I am blogging like this because, I kid you not, I have 1,000 things to blog about.  In fact, I have started other posts that are just sitting there.  It is like I have so much to blog about that I can't blog about anything.  Like what Calvin is up to.  He feeds himself a little now.  He is starting to eat some gluten.  He has been sick but doing pretty good, thanks to the absence of adenoids.  I am drained by everything else in my life.  But there again, center of the universe...we all are busy!  And, I do this to myself.

Speaking of busy, my contract for next year is sitting at my desk.  I have not signed it.  I have not decided yet if I want to.  I wish God would come visit me and tell me what to do cuz I have no freaking clue and Joe won't give me an answer.  Neither will my mom, or anyone else.  I just wish decisions were easier.

I am going to stop now and share some pix.  Have a great day.  Soon I will be able to blog more and tell you all about my family - really I am surprised people care that much! ;)  Love you!


  1. You're awesome. :) Love your blog and your photos. :)
    Can't tell you what to do about your contract though. :( Praying for clarity in making your decision. :)

  2. 'member that time we went to cal's appt in the "shitties" as we called it, and we laughed the whole trip, and the nurse came in and said we seemed like we are fun? and i smarted off (of course) and said, "mostly me." and 'member those nights in college when we slept in your bed and laughed like jackasses until 1am and read The Little House, even though we had to get up to suffer at ph'lips at 4:45am? well, i think it's time we get together and laugh and be full of nonsense some more. you're right, you are weird. i like you that way. it's fun. :)

  3. hahahaha a stream of consciousness post. love it. Thanks for the laugh this morning. (and good luck with your contract decision!)

  4. Your killing me! Do not sign the contract. . . then you can blog about all of your 1,000 ideas :-) Actually, I shall pray that the answer comes to you. I gave up my career to stay at home with Ellie and that is the best decision I ever made. I do not regret it one bit. However, I also know that SAHM is not for everyone. Also, your blog is about your family and thus it should totally be self-centered! Anyway, love this post :-)

  5. I LOVE THE PIGEON BOOKS!!! I had to go on a search for them just a few weeks ago. SO glad someone else I know likes them, most people think they are weird. So what, you and I may be weird, but come on, who wouldnt be after spending so much time with your sister.... :)

  6. This had me smiling and giggling the whole time. I loved this post! It was great!!! We are all kind of weird in our own way, really, and that is what makes the world go round! I love reading your blog and hearing about your family...and I will pray God does just come out and give you an answer soon!

    Love to you and your family...really this was a great post...I am still smiling thinking about it!

  7. I think you're funny. And probably a little weird, but that's just because I'm taking your word for it. I say let the weird shine! And I just melted all over the floor over that sweet little Cal. Melting!!!