Thursday, July 19, 2012

Phone Home (phone photo dump)

In the morning I will be visiting with one of United's genetic counselors.  Mothers with children with Ds are over 3 times more likely to have the MTHFR mutation.  And, I mentioned to Joe about going and he right away talked about it but did not know it's correlation with Ds.  He did, however, talk quite a bit about it and autism and other illnesses (such as anxiety, depression, addiction) I referred to in the previous post.  He is scientific whereas I am not.  So, I should maybe go on and on like him, but I just cannot.  Feel free to google search Ds and MTHFR and look for the scientific articles out there.

As I promised, picture time!  I use my HTC Amaze (phone),with it's awesome camera, for most of my own kid adventures now.  It is smaller than my new camera (Canon Rebel T4i - not my dream camera I posted about a few months ago but still so awesome, and cheaper, for a camera that is).  I usually have it with me anyway. I post quite a bit to my Intstagram account.  I'll find that info and hook you up if you'd like.  I take video with it too but am awaiting my other computer for those downloads.  The videos may be a while yet.  Note: It is late and I'm trying to get to bed, so this post is not the best

Well, with that introduction, here are my photos from the past month :)

Calvin pre teething necklace - usually this unhappy.  He was sick too though...
 Hanging out at the garage sale.  Evan playing something on Aunt Chrissy's Kindle.

 Nolan drank nearly the whole cup of tea he asked for!

 Cal when he was sick in June and was diagnosed with pneumonia.  Again.  Not as bad as last fall though!
 One morning Cal was up early (he usually is) and was so unhappy (as he usually was) Joe brought him out to the garden while I ran.  He was in that wagon crying for me!
 Rod during the class I took in June with 3 other, wonderful, counselors.  We had a blast, believe it or not :)  I need to finish typing that up for him!  I took a picture of it vs copying it.  My phone version is clear and I can read it - it is the WI School Counselor Model based of the ASCA Model :)
 Cal loves walking with shoes on his hands.  There is the vacuum again.  I like to vacuum!
 Applebee's to celebrate my new camera!  Joe was in Canada and we were with Grandma Linda :)
 Unhappy Cal - again (see, I was not making it up that he was so cranky!)
 At the dr the next morning because he spiked a fever over night...acted fine there though, of course!
 Entertaining the boys while the help was away (in Canada still)  Picked berries and ran in the grass.  Perfect evening in the summer.  

 Strawberry Shortcake for 2 boys who did an excellent job at the eye doctor (well, not really but I'm over it!).  You can really see that lazy eye he is wearing a patch to strengthen!

Watering the field pumpkins (and it rained the next day)
 Watering the giants.  Only 1 plant remains, the rest were taken down by a reoccurring fungus :(
 Tomatos did not do so hot for us this year...tried them in the raised bed but Joe thinks it has more to do with letting them fry in infancy.

 Shortly after Cal's teething necklace: a happy boy rocking with Fridge DJ

 He does this a lot now :)

 Rear view of the necklace.  It never comes off.  Cal's watching a tractor go by.
 He loves climbing stairs!  Now, to figure out how to go down...he is learning to go backwards so maybe not long from now!

 Boys helping me bake gluten and dairy free banana bread!
 On Cedar Lake, heading to the sand bar!  Warm, sunny, and loads of fun!

Cal loves Aunt Patty AND veggie straws!  "UMMMM!" (what Cal says in regards to eating)

 Cousin Adrianna stealing veggies straws, they are that "ummmy"
 Playing Peek-A-Boo on a newly cleared bottom shelf :)
 Nolan is still connected to Cal in a way no one else is.  Very sweet and frustrating at times, like when he sits on him and carries him to places Cal does not want to go!

 We all (except Calvin) raced last Saturday in NR.  Joe and I ran the 10K (I PRed with a 47:36, after biking 9.2 miles there!) and the boys ran/walked the 1 mile.  Evan ran the whole way.  Nolan tripped and would not run anymore and did not want anyone looking at him.  He even said he didn't like people out on the course :(

 We cooled off in Clear Lake after the races!  We were soooo tired :)

 Time to get together to plan out our road trip on the 28th.  We are going to the UP and down the west side of Michigan and possibly taking a ferry across the lake back in to Wi before heading home!  

 An Instagram photo:

 We met with my college buddy Mandy and her husband Jeff and their daughter Kalei on Monday at Square Lake.  We had a blast!  I sure do miss Mandy!
 Calvin ate a lot of sand :(

 The last time these 2 were near each other they were newborns and Cal had a blue mouth from his thrush treatment.  Wow how time flies and changes occur!  (I am so glad we're past those early months of stress)

 The boys (Cousin Adam and Cal) love helping me vaccum!  I don't suppose they will in 12 years from now...?

Thanks for visiting our blog!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love all the pictures...and your new header is amazing! Looks like an a,axing summer...those boys are growing up! Have a fun trip...

  2. It looks like you are all really enjoying the summer so far! I love the pictures of your boys. And I agree with Becky, the pictures on your header are amazing. What a good looking family!

  3. LOVE the new header!!! I always enjoy looking at the pictures you take :)

  4. I agree, LOVE the new header, and all the pics!! Thank you!! Post your instagram info so I can follow you!

  5. I always enjoy your pictures so much! I laughed at the one with Calvin's butt in the air. Ben does that all the time too. I tease him that he is a future yoga lover! So I talked to my OB about the MTHFR mutation. She said my primary care has to order the test. I have an appointment with her this Friday. Hopefully, I'll results next week.