Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, Calvin!

I see many of you enjoyed Joe's adventures in Wall, SD!  Photos from our trip will be coming next.  BUT, I have not posted about Calvin's 2nd birthday.  2 weeks ago already!  

In many ways I cannot believe the little stinker is already 2 (he has recently discovered how to turn on/off the vacuum, escalating my already enlarged cleaning time!)  Then I think about everything we have gone through, rather, he has gone through, and it honestly feels like a lifetime.  Maybe because I never expected to experience anything beyond what I already have in life.

Many times during our trip to Yellowstone I imagined what it must have been like for pioneers-man to discover that land.  So unlike anything else in this country.  It must have been thrilling and frightening.  Many people look around and see the unbelievable miracle of God.  God's creations!

People were undoubtedly in awe over Old Faithful's eruption, only to witness it again and again, like clockwork.  They were likely overcome with anticipation to share the land's beauty.  Before they could do so, however, they had to carve new trails all while striving to simply survive the harsh, raw wild life.  What I appreciate about the park is that though there are simply too many people, it is still fairly raw and dangerous: thus allowing us to experience equally raw emotions and utter respect.

Being a parent is a lot like pioneers discovering a new land, but lets face it, there are many role models and places to turn for guidance.  Parenting for many, including me up until 2.5 years ago, is more like us now traveling to Yellowstone versus a time before roads, gift shops, and campsites with running water.

Having Calvin is in many ways similar to spear-headers navigating and learning about the land that surrounded them.  Having Calvin has been thrilling, exhausting, scary, and joyful.  I am filled with anticipation to share this experience with those who are new to it and with those who are helping establish this journey.  We are working hard to pave roads.  To build gift shops and provide paths for hikers and a few guard rails in those extremely dangerous areas.  Who knows who will visit and when? When they do, they will want to stop and take many photographs and send postcards to their friends and loved ones.  They will want to share it with the world and invite others to pack their things and come travel with them!

This is awesome!
This boy ate a whole piece, wasting very little...
Windows to the soul, amazing!

Mom could not get enough of me eating this well!  A year ago I was barely eating solids!
"Is it all gone?"

Cal loves Veggie Straws!!                        "Have you noticed I love walking with shoes on my hands??"


  1. Happy Birthday Calvin! Oh, I have so enjoyed be able to see Calvin grow in your blog and through your words and be a part of this journey with you. You know it only keeps getting better and better too....what a blessing he is to your family! Love to you all from us!

  2. Happy birthday Cal!! And, wow does that boy have a set of eyes on him! Love it. I think you are doing a pretty darn good job at paving those roads, mama.

  3. Happy Birthday Calvin! I swear he looks like he could be turning 1, he's such a little teeny guy! And those eyes! I so wish Cora had brushfield spots like those! Lovely pics. And Happy 2 years to you guys!

  4. Love the pics! He's adorable and so loved!

  5. Oh that last picture is adorable! Happy Birthday to Calvin :)

  6. Happy, happy birthday to Calvin!!!!!!

  7. Calvin says 'thank you everybody!'