Monday, August 13, 2012

Just gonna say it

It's on my mind.  No, this is not about opinions or anything.  It's about my health and the doings around here.  I am going to put it out there because I insanely feel guilty about not keeping up with this blog this summer!  I have 2 (well, 7) main reasons.

1. My health.  Since January I have been dealing with major, like, bloating.  I've never had that problem and let me tell you, I was blessed and didn't even know it!

(***Side note since I'm thinking of it: I wish I could take credit for Joe's blogpost.  Did you notice it wasn't me?  I barely did until he said my name in regards to leaving him behind for the concert in Sturgis.  He is a talented guy and I love it when he writes and reads to me.  He is way smarter than I am - which doesn't take much these days!  I figured out during this morning's swimming and running that I have been prego or nursing all but 4 months over the last 7 and 1/12 years!  It is true, you loose brain mass during those events.  Why?  Great question but I'm sure it is related to the good fats prioritizing your baby's brain over your own - what do you need it for anymore anyways?!)

Okay, back to it (and, there may be a connection to what I'm about to write to what I just said about 7 and 1/12 years).  By the time April rolled around I couldn't take it anymore.  I started asking for help.  Something I hate to do.  In a nutshell (cuz those are less time consuming and when you spend 3 hours in the past day trying to figure out your email you just don't have any more to 'waste' - nuther story I won't get to) I saw a specialist last week.  He was awesome!  I really really liked him and wish I could always have him as my general health care provider, since I can't have Dr. Tenner.

Wow I am a loose wire today!

Anywho, Dr. Hecht is his name and gastroenterology is his game.  He said my scans (ultrasound and X-ray) and those presses around my belly rule out his concern of liver cancer, gallbladder stones, and lets just say show some back up.  Again, a problem I have NEVER had!

Being the person I am, I asked 'why'?  Why am I feeling like poop, no pun intended?  Why is my digestion so slow?  And, the answer is?

He's not sure.  Duh!  I knew that was coming!

I am writing about this because I know I am not alone.  And, yes, I would probably tell most people this if they cared to listen.  I am not too open nor too closed.  Sure, it can be deemed an 'embarrassing topic' but again, I'm not alone, so I'm just saying what other people are thinking.  And, I believe when we do that we help each other.

I will tell you what has helped.  Magnesium.  A lot of it.  HCL with Betaine to help digest proteins, I have also taken digestive enzymes but I'm not sure that is the key, and not eating.  Okay, just kidding about that last one cuz I can eat with the best of them.  Seriously though, I take everything I should that you would logically think would help.  I feel as though I have a balloon that blows up in my stomach all day long.  It doesn't go anywhere and it puts a ton of pressure on my organs.  Not pleasant and actually concerning.

Dr. H has not ruled out the following: gallbladder malfunction, I am waiting on bloodwork (my 2nd round) regarding genetic link to celiac and lactose intolerance, he mentioned a biopsy of my small or large intestine (cannot remember) to look for ulcers or something (I hate being so non-informative but I took in a lot of into that hour of my life), problems with fermenting sugars and I have a whole new list of foods to avoid if that's the case, bacterial overgrowth somewhere (small/large intestine), and I cannot remember the rest.  He did mention an upper GI scope. At this point I am not diagnosed with anything.  I was afraid he'd say Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  To me that is like calling a baby colic.  Worthless.  There is a reason for everything.  AND, I prefer to treat with natural products like Magnesium and what I eat or do not eat.

Some people say it's cuz I'm stressed.  Why, yes I am!  But it's no excuse.

I exercise plenty, drink lots of water and only water (except an occasional something or another), I take probiotics (which I quit because this FODMAPS diet used for the sugars problem indicates it could be problematic - I'm not convinced of that yet), and eat lots of fruits and veggies.  I was dairy and gluten free for a year and that is when this all came about, so explain that one!  We know it's not either of those!

I highly, HIGHLY, suspect it is the sugars.  Which sucks.  I like sugar very much!  I can do a candida cleanse when I'm done nursing (another topic I will post on soon cuz weaning in the making).

I'll post updates now and then but I try not focus on it.  As Dr. H said, I do not like being a whiner.  I am tough and take pride in that but this has been weighing me down (and not literally thank goodness!) It is a mental, physical, and emotional distraction in my life.  I feel for those who truly struggle with what their tummy's do to them!

Another test from God and now I have one more way to empathize with people.  The list is growing!  If you follow what I'm saying...

(WOW, I just edited through that it was crazy to follow, sorry about that, it is the way my fat-free brain works)

2. No computer since the first week in June!  Well, not this one anyway!  I was struggling to get by with what I had.  It was a pain in the butt cuz I could not just download my photos from my camera and post them, I had to convert them, yada yada yada.  Hopefully I can zoom much faster and simpler now.

3. Photography!  Excited about this one!  I am working with a friend on my business website.  That should be up and running with more activity from me now! if you wanna check it out.  I have a lot of growth ahead of me.  Though I look forward to it, I have a hard time not being at the level I want to be.  I believe the growing pains are worth it though :)  It requires time and I love it, but I love my family, reading, and relaxing too.  I will not give up being who I am.  I will not succumb to that stress.

4. Evan starts 1st grade in 3 weeks!  Ahhh!  He is so great.  He said he does not want to have all the same kids in his class because he wants to meet new people.  Brave boy.  I am so proud of him!  I am getting together with a friend whose daughter struggles with severe eczema.  She is at the school I work at (some of my readers know who I am talking about).  I approached her to ask about what she has been doing with her daughter because in May she was making huge gains!  We will meet soon, but that takes my time and energy as well!  Evan has bad wrists and legs in the winter.  We tried him dairy free and noticed nothing.  I believe this girl is having best results with some aloe vera product and some Isotonix vitamins.  I'll post more when I know more!

5. Nolan.  Well, he is awesome!  He wears his pirate eye band aide nearly every day.  I have forgotten a few in the past couple of weeks, but I'm proud of my memory on that one!  Joe will bring him to the eye doctor on the 29th and we are praying for a stronger eye so we can avoid glasses (but if you remember, he is darn cute in them: click here for a post with that cute boy in glasses)

6. Calvin.  Calvin is so funny!  I wish you could see our normal life here.  One night last week Joe was gone and I had the boys all ready for bed.  We were down reading books and Cal would laugh and do this front flop on his hands, lay down and roll and roll just to get some attention.  He is also standing himself up in the middle of the room and flopping on his butt.  He is holding it longer and longer!  He does not realize what he is doing but he'll be walking by Christmas, I just feel it!  He is healthy and his heart appointment went well!  Did I post about that?  I'll look and post more later if I need to.

7. Joe.  My husband and I are coming up on 10 years this Friday!  I cannot believe it.  Joe and I received a tree for a wedding gift.  That tree with become an analogy in our official anniversary post later.

Well, I have a load of work to do.  The boys are with their other mother, Karen.  She is the best lady a person could ask for when you need them to be loved and cared for while away (and when the grandmas and aunts are unavailable - phew, gotta cover that one, LOL!)  She reads these and hopefully does not think "I watched those 3 boys so she could blog?!"  Just kidding!  We love you Karen and I thank God for you!  It is because of you I catch Evan silently praying before he eats his snacks :)


  1. Oh goodness! Your plate has been full and I do not envy your tummy problems. It sounds miserable and I hope that it gets figured out soon. Love your new header by the way.

  2. Wow! What a post! I will be praying for your belly issues...yes, you are one busy gal! Thanks for sharing all this because I think about you and wonder how things are going in your world! First grade...oh my what a big boy. I will pray the eye appointment goes well. And yeah for Calvin! :)