Monday, August 27, 2012

Leaky Gut Syndrome

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor.  What I am typing is my understanding of my own health based on what I have learned though others.
Even though I've had a poor evening and morning, my day has majorly turned around and I feel the most positive I have in a long while.

I saw my new Naturopathic Doctor (ND), Dr. Tricia Paulson, ND of Osceola Naturopathic Clinic this morning.  What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is based on the belief that the body has a phenomenal ability to heal itself when placed in the right environment. Naturopathic practitioners therefore do not treat disease or symptoms, but treat the individual.Everyone has their own unique combination of underlying contributors that has caused their now symptoms or disease. Once the root cause is discovered and treated the body can return to health.Naturopathic treatment includes 4 main modalities:
  • 1. Diet and nutrition (vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients)
  • 2. Exercise and physical modalities
  • 3. Botanical medicine
  • 4. Homeopathy
With the use of any combination of these modalities, comprehensive treatment plans are designed that blend the best of modern medical science and traditional natural medical approaches to restore health.
I learned a lot about my health and how to treat it during this morning's appointment.  The doctor is concerned about my adrenal system, so I am taking some new steps to support it (supplements along with working on my sleep and diet - poor Calvin crying more is so hard to take but I have to prioritize myself right now, I hope he will forgive me ;)  *taking NeuroScience Calm PRT and TravaCore

Next, I am also focusing/working specifically on my digestion.  So, I learned that when one takes magnesium for constipation (sorry, it is gross) it should be citrate, NOT oxide.  Well, I got home and all my mag supplements are oxide, even a brand I was surprised by (not surprised with the bottle I bought at Target).  AND, if it is with calcium, it needs to be a 2:1 ratio of mag to cal.  Okay, next?  I am continuing to take Betaine HCL.  This I started in June and it was helping, then not so much.  Well, I hate to say it, but the doctor confirmed with me, the brand might be a problem.  NOW brand products...So I switch to Metagenics as well.  Country Life has been okay and I did also like Integrative Theraputics (the brand that had the mag oxide that was surprising...).

I will be upping my Recolonize 1 (probiotic of choice for now) to 2 per day, vs 1.  I will continue with some of my other regular supplements and adding a new one called R 192 along with one by Metagenics: Endefen.

As far as Leaky Gut Syndrome, what that is is basically the tissue of my stomach, that is typically made up of plump cells pushed together tightly, like grapes, are more like raisins (i.e. not pushed together tightly).   Either way, when foods are digested some molecules will seep through, into our bloodstream.  Normally, if the molecules are tiny enough to seep through a healthy lining our immune system is not spiked in to action because it is so so small.  However, if there are larger gaps due to the large gaps caused by grapes shriveling up into raisins, then larger molecules seep through into your blood stream and your immune system does not like that.  Then we have reactions at any level (skin, bowels, emotion/brain, etc)   This happens because of things such as parasites (not the concern at this point), antibiotics, and candida yeast overgrowth, to name a few (poor diet has got to be a contributor).  Looking at my HGg food sensitivity test last year, along with a long list of symptoms and illnesses, Dr. Paulson has little doubt I have a candida yeast overgrowth and a leaky gut.

To get my gut repaired I will be on a 3-4 month program that includes this level 1 with the supplements AND a candida free diet (tough!) plus antimicrobial treatments in 16 days from now.  Calvin will be weaned by then.  He cannot be nursing.

The antimicrobials will destroy the cells of the yeast, releasing toxins into my system to be cleared.  They like fat and would go to breast milk.  I am sad about this in many ways.  However, I am at a point in the road that I have to decide to take care of myself or suffer.  My choice is pretty clear to me.  I can do this!

The doctor said my anxiety and stress along with memory loss (it has been bad) and some other symptoms (including ear ringing for the past 4 months) can be attributed to my poor stomach.  My poor stomach dates back to before I have memories.

I have a sulfa drug allergy and she said that right away after reading that she suspected Leaky Gut.  That, coupled with many ear infections and strep treated with antibiotics and symptoms such as major acne and anxiety are signs that point her to this as being my problem right now!  I am grateful it is not too serious at this point (I don't think anyway) and that I can treat it in a natural, healthy way.  Who knows, maybe life won't feel so overwhelming once December rolls around.


  1. I will be praying that life will not be so overwhelming for you too once December rolls around...looks like you are on a good path. THanks for your sweet comments. :)

  2. First of all, thanks for sharing. Your list of supplements makes my head spin, but that is a world that I have not really exlored yet, and I think I need to. Thanks also for the link to the doctor. I was going to ask if that was the one, as I googled that clinic pretty much as soon as I got home from your place! :) I hope you will continue to blog about how you are doing, as time allows, and I still stand by my statement that you are Superwoman!!! For real!

  3. Good for you! I am curious about the sulfa drug allergy meaning leaky gut? I've never heard that but I do have an allergy to sulfa drugs. I'm going to have to do some googling! I hope this really helps you! It's hard to care for children and give them your all when you are not feeling great!

  4. Leaky Gut Syndrome (or increased intestinal permeability), sets the stage for myriad health problems, including rashes and skin problems, like eczema and psoriasis.