Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Little Sweet Potato


Calvin started feeding himself sometime around May.  Horrible I did not record that, but it was just so subtle.  He learned with Veggie Straws (I highly recommend them for grasping and holding - not to mention they win with melt-in-your-mouth flavor and not-too-unhealthy snacking).  That is usually how his milestones are; something like "easy does it" or "slow and steady wins the race".  I wonder if and how he will ever get there and then a morning like this one makes a headline!
Looking back I am reminded of the evening I left the perinatologists office with a fresh needle mark in my abdomen.  I rocked in our chair in the nursery and was devastated thinking I would have a slow-to-develop child.

Now? I think "I have a child who is slower to develop" - there is a difference, just like saying "a Down syndrome baby" vs "baby with Down syndrome".

Sure, the way I think has changed, but the way I feel is what is amazing!  I truly accept the rate at which Calvin reaches his milestones.

I have been thinking a lot about what really matters in life.  What matters to me?  That is different than what matters to anyone else in this world.  It feels like I've met a soul mate when I meet people who value some of the same things as I do.
I imagine I have readers who value this slow pace the way I do.  We are bound.  We have left behind a different world and have traveled to a new one.  One that wants to photograph each and every detail before it leaves our mind.  Why?  Not because it will be fast.  No.  Simply because it is so extremely awesome and reminds us of what truly matters here on earth, in this life.  And, it is not speed.

I could not be more proud and excited for what has transpired in merely a week or two: Calvin feeding himself in a way 1) it does not require one item on his tray at a time 2) the floor is clean below-he's hitting his target-and he's not throwing it all  3) he asks for more-in his own way of pointing and 'talking' 4) there or pieces going in vs mashed.  His independence is mounting!


  1. Awesome post! Love those little milestones that are actually so big. :) Go Calvin!

  2. 1st... I am totally digging his haircut! 2nd yay Cal. I love that he's feeding himself & enjoying it. He is getting so independent and it's remarkable just how eloquently you capture it all. Good job mom!

  3. your blog is one of the sweetest things to warm my heart in a long time. Thanks!

  4. Way to go Calvin! I love how when I start to think Ben may never do something, then he just does. The wait does make the milestones SO much more exciting!

  5. We definitely have milestone parties over here. I savor each and every one because I know how hard my little guy has worked for them!