Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dusting off the cobwebs

It has been hounding me.  This blog!  I cannot believe the days turn into weeks as quickly as the local pond waters freeze into ice.

In truth, I was hinging my participation here on the idea that maybe I'd have my days left at work numbered or simply behind me.  That is not the case however.

I cannot believe I waited this long to decide to stay home.  My photography is taking off and spreading like wildfire.  It is a blessing.

God does truly take care of His creatures.  Just as he makes sure the birds have food, we will as well.

I have been meaning to post about my stomach.  That will have to wait since I need to get to bed soon (I have about 2 weeks left at work!).  Quickly I will say that the doctor I am seeing (Dr. Paulson with Osceola Naturopathic Clinic) is amazing.  She is my coach, cheerleader, and guide.  She knows a lot, let me tell you!  I have had to make HUGE adjustments to my already adjusted (dairy and gluten free) diet.  I am a boring person to eat with.  It is amazing to me it took this long in life to have these issues.
Roasted Garbanzo Beans (Chick Peas): soaked organic beans over night, tossed in grapeseed oil and some seasoning, baked at 200 for an hour, cooled, then baked at 330 for another hour: all on my own and I'm not sure what the heck I'm I'll post an update another time....

More on that another time!  My gut is still in the process of healing and it will probably be months.  But in the meantime I am healthy.  That makes me happy.

Calvin is completely weaned.  It took me 3 weeks to dry up!  My body was so used to nursing.

Weaning Calvin is/was hard and honestly I don't want to think about it much.  I feel like he should still be nursing.  But, again, that is why I am choosing not to think about it.

Calvin is doing pretty good.  He is plagued with another cold that has turned in to sinus and ear infection.  It is a painful reminder of why I am staying home.

Today was The Calvary's 3rd annual Buddy Walk in St. Paul.  We had a very nice turn out - so much love and I know God wants these things to just pull us together!  It was a year ago, on this walk, that Calvin was not doing well at all.  He ended up going to the dr and starting his journey to hospitalization for pneumonia and bronchiolitis.  What a difference a year makes!  Yet, he is sick...

Calvin REALLY wanted that sandwhi
(The Calvary combined with Will's family - the baby 2 miles away who was born in February and has Down syndrome - what a blessing for the boys and our families to have each other!)
Off to bed, enjoy some photos that will show you why we have not dusted the shelves, cooked many meals, or blogged recently:


  1. Wow, busy busy life! I'd love to hear more about how all your stomach/body changes go. And I am hoping that you being home means more of these gorgeous photos, but being a SAHM with a part time SAH-job, I know that can be easier said that done! Nice to have an update. The Buddy Walk looked great. (And hope Cal gets better soon- poor guy.)

  2. It is so wonderful staying home, isn't it! Your pictures, as usual, are gorgeous! My goal is to wean Ben by April when I have an overnight trip without him. I'm already feeling sad about it!

    1. I hate weaning for the sad feelings reason! But, it is sort of nice to have the 'freedom'. Trying to stay positive :) Good luck!!

  3. Oh, it was so nice to see your post and all the pictures. Sounds like things are going well...and those boys get more handsome every time you post pictures!

  4. Gorgeous pictures and glad you are healing!!