Wednesday, September 12, 2012


When I was pregnant with Calvin I sat around a table with a few other parents of children with Down syndrome.  They spoke of how long it took until they looked at their child and did not think of Ds.  I thought it was impossible.  A part of me still thinks it is impossible.  I think it is not because it is impossible, but because the times I do think of it I forget the time spent not thinking about it.  When I look at Calvin, I truly see just him.  I am not burdened with the looming fears and thoughts that once clouded my vision of him.

I'm not sure I will never have fears or worries or stressors with him.  We do will all our children.  I just do not remember a day when those fears or worries were not orbited around a disability.  This feels so normal to me, like the earth orbiting around the sun.  It just is, and day still begins and night never fails to fall.